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Graphic Arts classes create a wide variety of materials for the school and it’s supporting groups.  This is the first of many projects for the year for the classes.





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CMS Welcomes A New Coach!

We are proud to welcome another new member of the CMS family, Coach Luke Rayfield.  Coach Rayfield is joining us after a season with the Kennett Indians and Sikeston Bulldogs. 

His football career started with the Scott City School District as a student from Kelso, MO. After graduation, he joined the SEMO Redhawks football team as a student assistant coach before graduating with degrees in general studies and physical education.  Coaching football moved Rayfield to Rolla, MO, where he was an assistant football coach at Missouri S&T.  He then moved south to Tahlequah, OK, as a graduate assistant at Northeastern State University and a tight end/fullback coach for the Riverhawks. While at NES he earned his Masters of Science in Kinesiology. 

Coach Rayfield was asked why he loves football.  He responded "It demands the very best and you have to strive for perfection.  It makes you reflect on what you did that worked or didn't. It's the greatest game ever invented."

We are excited to have Coach Luke Rayfield as an EAGLE at CMS! Not only is he a coach for the Central Eagle football team, but also teaches our male PE class and will coach CMS wrestling. Welcome Coach Rayfield!

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Solar Eclipse

Students at the high school watched the eclipse live on the web from NASA.  The live feed showed the eclipse from multiple locations across the country and explained the various aspects of the eclipse.  While watching the eclipse, the students were treated to Moon Pies and Capri Suns courtesy of Student Council.




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Eclipse Art

NMCC art students spent the day studying the eclipse in true artist fashion by creating art.  The students used oil pastels on black construction paper to create their eclipse drawing.  While they were creating, they also discussed the phases of the eclipse and watched a video explaining an eclipse.  Pictured are students in the Drawing Class.


Eclipse Art 1.JPG

Eclipse Art 2.JPG





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NMCC Football Cheer Team at season opener vs. Malden on August 18, 2017.

Cheer team loves Eagor.jpg

Cheer Seniors

Cheer seniors.jpg





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Students in the new robotics class made bristle bots and raced them in class.



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Mirror Words

Mrs. Sharon Williams (3rd grade) and Mrs. Amy McElveen (Kindergarten) with School Resource Officer Mr. Anthony Roberts demonstrate to their classrooms the WBT technique known as "Mirror Words." By using the "Mirror Words" technique in a classroom, a teacher then is able to help students activate their visual, motor, and auditory parts of their brain thereby addressing all learning styles at once. Fantastic job Lilbourn Elementary!

For more information on Lilbourn Elementary Whole Brain Learning, visit our Facebook page at:

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Eclipse Fun

Kindergarten students enjoyed a day full of fun, eclipse-themed activities.  First, the kids watched a short video that explained what happens during an eclipse.  Next, the kids looked through special glasses one at a time to compare them to regular glasses.  Students quickly noticed that you could see NOTHING when looking through the special glasses.  
The kids had a coloring contest while reviewing and retelling each other what happens during an eclipse.  The students also made a little book all about the eclipse to take home to share with their parents.  Then, students wrote the alphabet in order on a fun sun/moon/Earth page.  Next, the students sorted uppercase and lowercase letters before counting and graphing the moons, suns, and Earths.
  To top off a totally fun eclipse day, students enjoyed Moon Pies and Capri Suns for snack.

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Students at Matthews Elementary participated in activities to celebrate the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Students in Emily DeLisle's Third grade class drew eclipse drawings with chalk, first graders learned songs about the eclipse and sang them for the principal, while also making their own eclipse art, and 5th graders did human eclipse simulations. All classes did activities, viewed NASA's live feed of the event and enjoyed moon pies and Capri Suns as a snack.
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The students at New Madrid Elementary enjoyed the solar eclipse today while streaming it on the classroom computer. Students were provided the opportunity to see the eclipse during different stages and from other parts of the country via NASA’s live streaming coverage. Leading up to the event, the teachers planned many activities that were both educational and fun. The students in fifth grade learned about the phases of the moon by using Oreo cookies to create each phase. New Madrid Elementary teachers also planned many other activities throughout the day to make it a memorable experience. The students were provided Moon Pies and Capri Suns for an afternoon snack to commemorate the event. All in all, the students and staff had a great day at New Madrid Elementary for Solar Eclipse 2017.


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