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2020-21 School Year

NMCC/CMS Liaison for
Student and Teacher Success 

(posted until filled) Formerly "Teaching Methods/ Instructional Coordinator"

 Liaison for Student and Teacher Success (Grades 6-12) general duties include but are not limited to the following:

  1. 1. Partner with 6-8 and 9-12 Principals to breakdown and track data for use in improving individual student and whole classroom performance (PBIS, NWEA etc...),
  2. 2. Join with Principals to facilitate teachers’ development of strategies to improve individual student and classroom performance,
  3. 3. Monitor and participate in follow-through support on instructional and classroom management suggestions initiated by Principals,
  4. 4. Confer regularly with Lifeguard on specific student issues regarding individual/group student motivation to succeed,
  5. 5. Work as a liaison to support the work between Principals and classroom teachers (for instance: conferring with Principals regarding what classrooms to visit in order to provide crucial and timely feedback and direct assistance to classroom teachers regarding student and/or class progress),
  6. 6. Confer and partner with Principals to provide ongoing, helpful feedback to teachers to enhance classroom management and instruction as needed,
  7. 7. Consider/research/spearhead with BLT on the possible further development and implementation advisory time,
  8. 8. Participate in the development of 6-12 curriculum as needed,
  9. 9. Assume an active role with Principals in facilitation of Data Team and Building Leadership Team meetings.

Please submit your application and a copy of your college transcript to Lisa Broyles: Scanning and emailing is preferred.

Please contact Dr. Sam Duncan, Superintendent with questions by email at or by phone during office hours at 573.688.2161 option 5.

Links to applications are below. 

Certified Application

Non-Certified Application

The individuals recommended for open positions will be those candidates whose merits and qualifications best fit the needs of the district. NMCR1 does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, disabling conditions, national origins, marital status, maiden name or age in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies.