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Making Gravity Art

Students in the 3rd - 5th Grade Learning Lab group worked on an interesting art project on Wednesday afternoon under the direction of Miss Delisle.  

They used different tools to create the different effects of the "splatter" from the paint and gravity:


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Students in the Matthews Learning Lab 3rd - 5th grade group learned a lot about coding in an unusual way; they used Legos!  

Students were given a maze so they can have a frame of reference for setting their character up to get out of the maze.  Once they place the figure at the START point of the maze, they would then have to figure out which steps to take to get the character to the END.  To do this, the students would have to pull from different directions to manipulate their characters next move until they are out of the maze.  This is a great way to introduce problem solving and learn what it means to "code" programs. 


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Staying Alive...

Students with Mrs. Gloria Houston's Health Occupations class visited with Matthews Elementary students in 3rd - 5th grade Learning Labs to show them the power of CPR Knowledge.  Students were shown the importance of know CPR and how to administer the life saving procedure to someone in need.  

Matthews Elementary students thank Mrs. Houston and her students for coming to our Learning Lab session! 

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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Students in the Matthews Elementary 3rd - 5th grade Learning Lab were able to go and spread some Christmas cheer to residents at Cotton Wood Point Living Center in Matthews.  The students stood in the halls of the facility singing carols and afterwards handed out cards that were made by various students.  


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Nesting Peeps

Students in the Third through Fifth Grade Learning Lab class were challenged with the task of building a nest with Unifix cube blocks, a cup, a few pipe cleaners and a whole lot of those Easter favorites - Peeps!  The students all had to build a tower that was 10 cube blocks high and use the pipe cleaners to build the nest and fit as many Peeps as they could into the nest as seen below:


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Kindergarten and First grade students are currently working on many different projects with apples. On Monday students conducted experiments to see if an apple will sink or float. Students made observations on the size, texture and weight of the apple. Students then made a prediction based on the information that they observed whether the apple will sink or float in water. Students found out quickly that a whole apple will sink! Students then learned by cutting the apple in half that the apple now floats!  Wait until you see what we learn about an apple next!!



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Paper will hold what?

3rd grade students recently learned that by folding paper in a certain way the paper will hold objects that it normally would not.  Students learned a piece of paper is of certain strength. If you fold paper, you do not increase the strength of the paper, but allow the weight to be distributed more evenly.



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Off to the Races

3rd grade students at Lilbourn Elementary are currently working on a pinewood derby project.  Students received their own pinewood derby car to prep, design, paint, assemble and race.  3rd grade students are currently working on sanding down their block of wood to make it look like a car.  After sanding students will then design the look of their car on paper then paint the car.  After the paint has dried they will complete the assembly process and then it’s off to the track!


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Extra Extra Read all about it!

Have you been wondering what your student has been doing in learning labs? Wonder no more.  The 5th grade students have started working on a new project.  Once a month our team of 5th graders will be visiting all the classes during learning labs and speaking with the teachers and students to learn what they are doing.  5th grade students are then going to take pictures and complete a monthly newsletter.  Be sure to be watching the school website under Lilbourn Elementary page for these newsletters!!!
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High School Archers

High School students have the opportunity to learn archery four days a week during the after school learning labs.  All students start out with the same basic lesson. They start with a string bow, learning how to determine eye dominance, and safety procedures.  Once the students move on to the actual bow, they learn the eleven steps it takes to be a competitive archer.  













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