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5th Grade Peacebuilder lesson for this week was based on the book "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds.   Through this story students are encouraged to believe in the power of YET!!! “Keep trying! Not we can’t do it but we can’t do it yet!!!” as with Vashti when she didn't believe she could draw.

Students worked in small groups to create the longest paper chains possible using one sheet of paper, one pair of scissors, and one sheet of dots. They were given two attempts and here is what they came up with: 

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What do the two have in common?  The Peacebuilder program  teaches students about being kind to others, working to bring peace to the community and to school.  The elephant is none other than sweet Dumbo!  Students in the Morning PreK class spent some time in the library being read the book Dumbo and learning what it means to care about each other and be accepting of each others differences. 

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The first full week of school is almost in the books and I am so please with how the students have taken to their new classrooms, teachers and friends.  The most impressive part is how some of our students in Kindergarten to First grade have stepped up and helped the new students to the district.  Tobi, Mark, Zavier and Hayden have been showing the new students where to put their backpacks in the morning, how to go through the breakfast line, how to line up for the pledge and so much more.  We are so proud to see these kids take being a PeaceBuilder to heart.  

Great job!!!


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March Peace Builders

Congratulations to the following students and staff for being named "Peace Builders for March"

Pre-k: AnnMarie
Kindergarten: Jill 
First Grade: Brennan
Second Grade: Olivia
Third Grade: Skylar
Fourth Grade: Desiray
Fifth Grade: Erica
Staff:  Miss Rachael and Mrs. Sara

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Today, the students and staff of Matthews Elementary were pleased to have Troopers Windham and Karizimimba speak to our students about being drug free, staying safe and staying healthy.  The officers also led our Elementary family in the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Peace Builders Pledge!


Thank you so much Trooper Windham and Trooper Karizimimba for visiting us! 

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Friends Helping Friends

Today one of our students put the "PeaceBuilder Pledge" to work.  During breakfast this morning Donnie and his friend Paxson were eating together when Donnie started to cough and coudn't stop, Paxson was so worried that his friend was choking that he proceeded to pat Donnie on the back to make sure he was okay!  Donnie says that he is very thankful to have a friend like Paxson!

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Today during Physical Education with Coach Sapp, Miss Polk sat with the Second grade class to discuss What it sounds like, looks like and feels like to be a PeaceBuilder.   The students came up with these ideas:

It sounds like: Looks Like:  Feels Like:
Kind words Helping someone being welcomed
Kindness when hurt tell teacher Going to be okay

and so many more...  We are so proud of how our students recognize these traits in being a peacebuilder!



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Peace Building begins at Home

At the beginning of the year the students at Matthews Elementary shared with you the  Peace Builders Pledge and how it states that students will work to build peace at home, at school and in their communities each day.  We would like to share how one student and his family went above and beyond and exemplifies the true meaning of being a Peace Builder!  

Ms. Tonya Adams and her son Gus presented Matthews Elementary with a tote, filled to the top, of school supplies so that no child will be without pencils, paper, crayons and other essential tools to make learning fun and less stressful on the students.  

All of us here at Matthews would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Gus and his Mom!!


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