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Kindergarten and First grade students are currently working on many different projects with apples. On Monday students conducted experiments to see if an apple will sink or float. Students made observations on the size, texture and weight of the apple. Students then made a prediction based on the information that they observed whether the apple will sink or float in water. Students found out quickly that a whole apple will sink! Students then learned by cutting the apple in half that the apple now floats!  Wait until you see what we learn about an apple next!!



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Paper will hold what?

3rd grade students recently learned that by folding paper in a certain way the paper will hold objects that it normally would not.  Students learned a piece of paper is of certain strength. If you fold paper, you do not increase the strength of the paper, but allow the weight to be distributed more evenly.



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Off to the Races

3rd grade students at Lilbourn Elementary are currently working on a pinewood derby project.  Students received their own pinewood derby car to prep, design, paint, assemble and race.  3rd grade students are currently working on sanding down their block of wood to make it look like a car.  After sanding students will then design the look of their car on paper then paint the car.  After the paint has dried they will complete the assembly process and then it’s off to the track!


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Extra Extra Read all about it!

Have you been wondering what your student has been doing in learning labs? Wonder no more.  The 5th grade students have started working on a new project.  Once a month our team of 5th graders will be visiting all the classes during learning labs and speaking with the teachers and students to learn what they are doing.  5th grade students are then going to take pictures and complete a monthly newsletter.  Be sure to be watching the school website under Lilbourn Elementary page for these newsletters!!!
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Student Leaders

Mycah, Byron, & Chasity were the first three students chosen to be Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) “Call Back” student leaders for first grade.  In order to be a Call Back leader, a student must be able to quickly respond to certain WBT basics such as classroom rules, Class/Yes, Mirror Words, Brainies, etc.  New Call Back leaders will be chosen every Tuesday to go along with Tuesday’s WBT virtue of leadership. Congratulations Call Back Leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This past Saturday, Matthews Elementary PeaceBuilders rocked CottonStock with a groovy float and reciting the Peacebuilder pledge! With a special thanks to Miss Delisle, Miss Polk, Mrs. Hutcheson, Mrs. Hanlin, Mrs. Thatch, Mrs. McCord, Mr. Thurman, the kids and their parents for taking our float to the max! 


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Homecoming Shirt


The football homecoming parade is Thursday September 28, and the game is on Friday September 29.  Friday is the last day to order your homecoming t-shirt at the high school.  The cost is $18 per shirt.  Click the above link to preview the shirt design.




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We had a great turn out on the first night of Parent Teacher Conferences Tuesday evening and we hope to continue with that on Thursday!  We will be here to answer any question you may have concerning your students grades, lunch accounts and more.  If you haven't scheduled a time yet with your teachers please call the office at 573-471-0077
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Cheer Team: Present and Future

NMCC Cheer Team pictured with the girls who will one day stand in their shoes.



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High School Archers

High School students have the opportunity to learn archery four days a week during the after school learning labs.  All students start out with the same basic lesson. They start with a string bow, learning how to determine eye dominance, and safety procedures.  Once the students move on to the actual bow, they learn the eleven steps it takes to be a competitive archer.  













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