No After/Before School Learning Labs for 2 weeks (will resume January 22, 2019)

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Mrs. Bridgett Masterson, our Special Education Director, spoke to the Pathways to Teaching students here at the Technical Skills Center.  Some of the topics Mrs. Masterson covered included rules or guidelines that teachers must follow and strategies used with special education students.  The students learned A LOT!!

Thank you Mrs. Masterson!!

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Welcome to 2019!!



Welcome to 2019!!!
Matthews Elementary declared 2019 The Year of Our Accomplishments! For the next few weeks,
our growth mindset word will be Accomplish.  This year we are going to proudly celebrate each and
every accomplishment made by the students, classes, teachers & the school!  What will we accomplish? 
You'll just have to wait & see but we know the sky's the limit!



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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Students in the Matthews Elementary 3rd - 5th grade Learning Lab were able to go and spread some Christmas cheer to residents at Cotton Wood Point Living Center in Matthews.  The students stood in the halls of the facility singing carols and afterwards handed out cards that were made by various students.  


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The Pro-Start (culinary) class received a demonstration from Mr. Gustavo Marquez, who is also an Advisory committee member for this class.    Mr. Marquez is the owner of Las Brisas in Malden and 7 other restaurants in the surrounding area.  His son Cesar attends New Madrid Technical Skills Center in conjunction with Risco.  Mr. Marquez provided a demonstration on how to make tacos and fajitas.  He provided the students with a look into his past growing up in Mexico and how his determination and faith allowed him to build his business which has over 100 employees.  He discussed customer service and how building your clientele is very important in a small business.  The students greatly enjoyed the demonstration and taste testing.  We greatly appreciate Mr. Marquez time and support for our school.  THANK YOU!!!


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Health Science Dissection

The health science students learning about anatomy get to dissect cow eyes.  A cow eye is very similar to the eye of a human. By dissecting and examining the anatomy of a preserved cow eye, you can learn how your own eye forms images of the world and sends these images to your brain. This dissection allows the students to get an idea of what the eye looks like inside.




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Opaa!! Salutes

Opaa! salutes the following students for being kind, helpful and using good manners during:

Caleb M. Peyton G Madison G and Skylar A. 


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VFW Teacher of the Year

New Madrid County Post 7183 Teacher of the Year

The Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award was started as a way to identify and recognize America’s best educators who instill a sense of national pride in their students.  Nominees from the New Madrid County area were submitted to New Madrid County Post 7183 in Lilbourn and Matthews Elementary fourth grade teacher, Sarah Lawson, was chosen out of those nominated in the county as the winner of the Elementary level (K-5) Lilbourn post awards.  Mrs. Lawson will now be eligible at the District level awards.  Congratulations Mrs. Lawson! 

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Friday afternoon New Madrid Elementary honored  veterans with a nice lunch. New Madrid Elementary PTO and staff donated various dishes and desserts and welcomed veterans to come eat for lunch. New Madrid Elementary students colored posters, hung drawings, and made cards for those veterans that were in attendance. We are extremely thankful for each and every veterans service to our country and look forward to providing lunch for them again next year!


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Alyssa Hammock, pictured with her award winning essay, was the first place winner in the 6th through 8th grade writing contest. Our VFW chose her essay "Why I Honor the Flag" to represent as the local level winner. This is the first step of a four level VFW national competition. Congratulations to Alyssa on this proud accomplishment!

Additionally, congrats to Mrs. Leslie Sutton for winning the middle school "Teacher of the Year" portion of the contest as well!

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NMCC's Model U.N. team had a great day at Southeast Missouri State University's conference. Jalayka Nelson representing Nigeria won first place in the National Dress competition.  Melodie Wilcox won second place in the National Flag competition for her handmade flag for the country of Rwanda. 


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