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As we continue with our salute to to teachers; Today we would like to recognize our staff in the Third, Fourth and Fifth grades: 

First, We'd like to salute Miss Delisle, she has been with the district since 2016, starting off as a Fourth grade teacher, Miss Delisle now teaches third grade.  She is a dog mom and one of her favorite things to do during the school year is having her students read the book "Wonder".  She is also a very talented painter and spent the summer painting the doors in our main hallway with covers of some of the student and staffs favorite books.

Next is Mrs. Lawson; She has been with the district for 19 years, she has taught sixth grade, third and now fourth.  Mrs.Lawson is the mom of two boys, one who is graduating this year and loves to travel when she gets a chance.  Mrs. Lawson was chosen as a recipient of the VFW  Elementary Teacher of the Year award for her patriotism and sharing that with her students. 

Last on our list today is Mrs. Kenedy! Mrs. Kenedy has been with the district for 20 years and also has taught at Middle School, Third grade and has been teaching Fifth grade for the last few years.  She is a mom of two and followed in the footsteps of her parents, who were both teachers.  Mrs. Kenedy earned the honor of being named the Southeast District Teacher of the Year this year and we are so proud to have her with us.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our students!!  

We Appreciate You!

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Who Grew My Soup?

Students in Ms. Pullens second grade class welcomed Mr. Clay Hawes from New Madrid Farm Bureau to read a book that centers around the character Phineas and his questions of Who, why and how his mothers choice for lunch was made.  The book called "Who Grew My Soup" takes Phin on an adventure to visit the many farms that are a integral part of making a delicious bowl of soup.  Afterwards Mr. Hawes, on behalf of NMFB, donated the book to the schools library for students to read on their own.  We can't thank Mr. Hawes and New Madrid Farm Bureau enough for their support of our district.


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My First Book Report

Students in Mrs. Palmer and Miss Myers Kindergarten classes did their very first book report! 

 The students were able to choose a book and their parents read them.  After the they finished the story, they then decorated a pumpkin just like a character in the book.  On Halloween they were able to present their reports to their classmates and show off their characters. 

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Although summer break has just gotten started; we'd like to give our families a head start on getting the essentials needed for the next school year: 

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Literary Success


Matthews Elementary Family Literacy Night 

With the help of Mrs. Hanlin, Officer Townley, Mrs. Melanie, Mrs. Coppage, Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. McElroy and Miss Rachael, the students and families enjoyed cookies, activities and shopping in the Scholastic Book Fair.  


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Choose Kind


Students in Miss Delisle's class used their reading time this quarter to read the book "Wonder by R.J. Palacio" , one of the activities that Miss Delisle chose to do with the students is for them to write words of kindness about their fellow classmates.  

The students stood in the middle of the classroom with "Kindness Sheets" on their back so that each person could write on the sheet anonymously.  The students had a great time doing this and sharing with each other the kind thoughts and compliments they received from each other. 

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Dunk or Jump?

On February 1st and continuing through February 28th, students at Matthews Elementary will either Dunk or Jump and raise money for the American Heart Association during Heart Health Month!!! Students can register online to give up sugary drinks, exercise 60 minutes a day or to eat at least one serving of fruits and vegetables a day!  The kids can earn badges for signing up online, their first donations and more!  With these badges comes prizes that they can earn for each dollar amount milestone.  But, as an added bonus, the students will also be able to earn these special privileges if we meet or exceed our $1000.00 Goal!


If we meet our building goal:  The top 10 earners will get a chance to spray Mrs. Melanie and Coach Sapp  with Silly String!!

If we exceed our goal and raise $1500.00 Mrs. Melanie has graciously volunteered to Kiss a ??? (You'll have to wait and see)

They highest earners in Grades 2-5 will get a chance to be "Coach for a day" in PE classes with Coach Sapp!!!

If you'd like to donate to Matthews Elementary School, You can do so by clicking on this link:


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Story Time Surprise

Ms. Samantha Pullens Second Grade class had a couple of special guests on Wednesday, Mr. James Hann and Mr. Mike Geske of Missouri Farm Bureau.  Mr. Hann and Mr. Geske spent the morning with the classes reading a book called "Where Did My Clothes Come From?" by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti.  The book has students follow the thread and learn where their clothes had their start--and how they were put together. Mr. Geske also shared with the students a quilt that was made from shirts that belonged to his father, which is  a wonderful way to recycle materials.  The students were able to ask the guests about farming, the type of farming, the types of animals, etc.  As they finished with their visit, they also took a moment to donate the book to our library.  Thank you Mr. Geske and Mr. Hann for the visit, the story and the book!  

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Pennies for Pizza

Pennies for Pizza

If you remember way back in late November and early December, the New Madrid County Resource Center sponsored a "Penny Drive" and with lots of pennies and lots of help  Mrs. Bond's morning and afternoon Pre-K classes were declared the winner of the pizza party.  AFter the holidays and the snow delays the day finally came for the students have the best pizza party of the year, according the the AM Pre-K kids! 

Thank you to Miss RaeAnn and everyone at the New Madrid Resource Center for the pizza!  We enjoyed every slice! 

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Congratulations to Madilynn for all of her hard work and success for getting 100 AR Points on the 100th Day of School!!!


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