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Polar Express

Teachers and students at Matthews Elementary enjoyed the last day of school before Christmas Break watching Polar Express, Frosty the Snowman and The Santa Clause while drinking hot chocolate and making holiday decorations in the comfort of their cozy pajamas. 

We Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year, See you in 2018!!

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Kindergarten through Second grade performed their winter concert Wednesday, December 13th.  With song selections such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, Jingle Bells, Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland and closing with We Wish You a Merry Christmas!  Thank you to Mrs. Hanlin, Mrs. Johnson, Officer Townley, Mr, Kenny and Mr. Charles Wayne for prepping the kids, the stage and the gym for the concert.


We here at Matthews Elementary would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 


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Bringing Home the Trophy

The members of Matthew PTO and Staff worked hard and tirelessly to bring together our float entry for the 2017 New Madrid Christmas parade.  The theme this year was based on one of the essential decorations at Christmas.. The Tree!  With the help of Mr. Thurman, head of maintenance, Miss Scott, Miss Delisle, Mrs. Kenedy and Mrs. Hanlin, we were able to bring home the Honorable Mention trophy from the parade this year with our float "Bringing Home the Tree" 

Thank you to all of the students and staff that walked in the parade and braved the cold weather!  It was a great time and an awesome turn out for the event! 

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The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas came to Matthews elementary with a visit from Santa, story time with Mrs. Hanlin and the Singing Eagles with carols during our first and second lunch shifts. Thank you to Santa Claus, The New Madrid Resource Center and Mr. Belanger for everything!

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New Madrid Elementary Preschool enjoyed a fun home activity with their families after reading Gingerbread Christmas.  They collaborated to disguise their gingerbread boy/girls so Santa would not eat them Christmas morning.  Congratulations families you did a GREAT JOB!!!!





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In remembrance

You will notice that flags are at half staff today and  is observed annually in the United States on December 7, to remember and honor the 2,403 citizens of the United States who were killed in the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941.

We here at Matthews Elementary would like to take a moment to remember those lost.


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Brady Stobaugh is a student in the Career Explorations class and has been working with the 6th grade band since the beginning of school.  This week he was asked to guest conduct at the winter concert.  
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Beta Club had a great experience! Ke'Andre Marsh ran a competitive campaign for state president. Our members performed a great campaign skit. Ke'Andre's campaign theme was Let's have s'more fun with the MARSHmallow. The skit consisted of a campfire scene. The song was based on Spongebob's "campfire song" and was called "the campaign song". 
All NMCC Beta members in attendance also competed in academic competitions. Jenny Duncan won first place in division 1 creative writing and will advance to Nationals this summer. 
Additionally,  Ke'Andre was invited to attend a leadership camp this summer in Washington DC. 
We're looking forward to preparing for Beta Nationals and next years state convention. We came back with many ideas and much excitement for our club. 




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Jenny won first place in Division 1 Creative Writing and will advance to Beta Nationals this summer.  
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Students at Lilbourn Elementary are participating in a unique piece of the Whole Brain Teaching system called The Super Improver Wall. The Super Improver Wall (SIW) is an approach to recognize and reward student improvement. Using the Super Improver Wall, students earn stars as indications of personal improvement (individual goals are set prior to the start of the SIW) and these stars are then placed on the students' cards. Since stars are awarded on an individual level, each student is only competing against their last effort in a particular area (behavior goals, academic goals, etc.) Once students have earned 10 stars on their card, then they get to "level up" on the SIW. Every SIW has 10 levels, so all students have the opportunity to make 100 improvements on various goals throughout the year!!! Teachers at Lilbourn are finding great success with Whole Brain Teaching's Super Improver Wall because it is perfectly individualized and differentiated for the needs of each learner throughout the whole school. Pictured is Cara Woods (1st grader in Mrs. Christina Taylor's class) leveling up to level 2 on the Super Improver Wall.
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