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On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 New Madrid County Central held its graduation ceremony.  The class of 2017 had 7 valedictorians and a total of 95 graduates.  

The valedictorians were: Annemarie Brown, Kaitlyn Long, Matt Givens, Eddie Maxwell, Josh Williams, Erica Palmer, and Katherine Madigan.  The various seniors were awarded 144 scholarships for a sum total of $899.150.  

A few days after graduation, some of the seniors returned to the schools to do the first ever senior walk at all the elementary schools.

Our Valedictorians:

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We've had a great school year with all of students and are so very proud of everything you have accomplished this year! From our can food drives, jump rope for heart and collecting items for flood victims in Poplar Bluff and Delta.  You have shown a lot of hard work and determination throughout the year.  

Have a great summer!


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Students in Mrs. McElveen’s Kindergarten class have been studying a unit on BUGS.  Students have enjoyed learning all about ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and ants.

While studying ladybugs, students learned some very interesting facts. Did you know that ladybugs smell with their feet? They also have very sticky feet to help them climb. Students were fascinated to learn that ladybugs have something in common with bears…they hibernate! Most people think of ladybugs as being red and black, but students learned that ladybugs can be many different colors. Students ended their study on ladybugs by making an edible ladybug. Students had to follow the steps of a recipe and use specific ingredients (one sugar cookie, one thin Oreo cookie, a handful of chocolate chips, and one spoonful of colored icing) to construct their very own snack for the day. Students also learned about color mixing when making seven different colors of icing using white icing and food coloring.

Pictured: S’nyah, Weston, Brayden, and Bella making ladybug cookies


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