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Lilbourn Learning Labs

Lilbourn Elementary students were excited that Learning Labs have started for the 2017-2018 school year.  LE staff and students have returned and immediately kicked into full gear.  The Fifth Grade students started their STEM activities by heading outdoors.  Fifth graders worked as a team to remove the grass from a designated area of the courtyard where they later put in an above ground pond.  This welcome back activity was a HUGE success for students and our school!
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The after school program at New Madrid Elementary began this week. The students who attend the program are provided additional instruction from 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm and then from 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm they work on enrichment activities. The students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade have the option to sign-up for Arts & Crafts, Science, or Computer Technology (Coding & Programming). New this year is the opportunity for students to work on a program called “Tynker” which introduces the students to basic computer coding and then expands to programming. By the end of these courses, the students will have a basic understanding of computer application and game development and design. Pictured are students working on Tynker in the computer lab at New Madrid Elementary.

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High School Guitar

 In guitar class, the kids are working on moving open chords, learning how to read tablature, as well as familiarity with basic technique.  They will also be learning how to read notes. They are working very hard so far – stay tuned for their progress! 










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The Cheer Team accompanied the football team to Thayer, MO. on August 25 for the first away game of the season.  




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Female Fitness class takes time out from conditioning to do a little ACT Prep.  




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Education is Our Thing!!!

Mrs. Karizamimba invited Johanne Karizamimba and Gretchen Hanlin (Mrs. Hanlin's daughter) to come and visit the 5th grade class on Friday, August 25th. The kids were surprised when they walked in! For one, I think they were more surprised that Mrs. Karizamimba has a life and family outside of school. Haha!! Johanne and Gretchen shared their school experiences and the importance of education with the class. They spoke on what education means to them and how it is important to work hard to accomplish much. They were able to take a trip to Africa this summer and shared a few experiences with the class. They compared the schools in Africa to America and realized that we have such privilege and freedom to be able to go to school in America. The class enjoyed question and answer time with Gretchen and Johanne. I believe the students walked away from today's experience with excitement and new found vision that they can do anything and be whatever they want to in life through hard work and perseverance.  Thank you, Johanne and Gretchen for taking time to come and visit us! 

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Students in the new statistics class started out the year playing a breakout  game to review the basics of statistics.  The students worked in teams to get the correct answers and “escape” the assignmeEscape Room-Statistics Style











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Our freshmen are taking up the gauntlet of their teacher’s vocabulary challenge!  Last week, they chose an overused and simple word, "show."  The task was to find as many alternative and more specific words as they could and make use of them in the future.  As a group, they came up with 125 new words!  The highest producing class got a treat of mini-donuts to celebrate.

Next week - "says/said"

Pictured, Ms. Betsy Riggs.




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Coach DJ Dace comes to New Madrid Elementary from Cuba, Missouri. Coach Dace is an assistant coach for the New Madrid County Central High School football and basketball team as well as New Madrid County Central Middle School baseball. Coach Dace played high school football, basketball, baseball, and was a member of the track team. He played football at Missouri Valley College and coached at the college level for both Southeast Missouri State University and Missouri S & T. Coach Dace completed his degree at Southeast Missouri State University. Coach Dace stated that he is “excited to be in this district where the community is very close knit with the schools”. New Madrid Elementary welcomes Coach Dace to “Eagle Nation” and wishes him many years of success.

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Every morning the students and staff at New Madrid Elementary gather in the gym before going to class at 7:55 am. The purpose of gathering all of the students in the gym prior to the start of our school day is to celebrate the positives from either the day before or total for the week as well as motivate the students to do their best in the classroom. Mrs. Beth Murphy leads everyone in celebrating student and staff birthdays daily by singing “Happy Birthday” many different ways. Mrs. Beth is the author of the New Madrid Elementary academic and school spirit chants. After the birthday celebrations, Mrs. Beth leads the students in reciting the chants:

We are helpers,

We are kind,

We are here to learn,

And blow your mind!

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick,

BOOM! Blow your mind!

BOOM! Blow your mind!



Clear eyes,

Full heart,

Can’t lose,

EAGLES forever!




On Fridays, the students are allowed ten minutes to dance with Mrs. Beth before beginning the celebration time. Fridays have become a favorite for the students because they have the opportunity to let loose and have a little fun before the school day begins. We have noticed that students arrive at school earlier and are absent less on Fridays than any other day of the week.

To conclude the morning time in the gym, students learn civility and patriotism by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Peace Builder Pledge.


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