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Wrestling at Priory

Cody Babb 1st
Kannon Nowell 2nd
Jay Maltbia 2nd
Hunter Bailey 2nd
Keilan Gibbs 3rd 
Austin Perry 3rd
Jacob Wicker 3rd



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English II 1st Period won the Salvation Army Penny War held in the high school in December.  Members of that class were treated to a pizza party January 26, 2018.  Members of the class participating are Glen Helmes, Gabriel Knight, Austin Perry, Jacob Wicker, Kansas Johnson, Amaijaah Smith, Hayley Ash, Paige Ferguson, Tyler Chadd, Khristian Daniels, Leann Birdwell, Kami Coffman, and Khayrah Steward.
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OPAA Student of the Week

Zach Wicker was chosen as the first OPAA Student of the Week at the High School.
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The following students pictured above are enrolled in Introduction to Microcomputer Applications which is a dual credit class offered at the New Madrid County R-1 Technical Skills Centert through an agreement with Southeast Missouri State University  : Logan Archie, Hunter Bailey, Logan Broughton, Mason Burton, Olivia Carlson, Kylie Cook, Emma Cooksey, Gabriel Copanas, Emma Graham, Mary Claire Halterman, Jordan Harris, Allyson James, Shelbie Karafa, Nichole Lofton, Madison McCarty, Olivia McSpadden, Sydney Mungle, Aaliyah Phillips, Alexis Phillips, Shelby Smith, Mary Spraggs, Mylaka Stokes, Stephanie Treece, Bayleigh Wilson, Brooke Wilson, and Gabriel York.

After completing Introduction to Microcomputer Applications, the students will be able to use Excel 2016 functions to summarize quantitative data graphically, including pivot tables and charts; use PowerPoint to create, modify, and enhance presentations; use Word to create and edit documents, and use Access to query tables and use application tools to generate reports.

Technical Skills Center and Dual Credit!!!

NMCC TSC Teaching for Tomorrow students (not pictured) are earning dual credit too!

Dual credit courses enable high school students to receive, simultaneously, both high school and college-level course credit. The primary purpose of offering dual credit courses is to deliver high-quality college experiences to high-performing high school students. Dual credit courses are suitable to challenge students who have mastered or nearly mastered the complete high school curriculum and who require college-level coursework that is more rigorous than the high school curriculum. Dual credit courses also enrich and extend the high school curriculum, provide introductory college coursework, and avoid unnecessary duplication in coursework as students move from high school to college. 

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OPAA Suprise

Miss Ebony Johnson was this week's winner of the OPAA gift certificate! Each week, OPAA will be giving away a gift certificate to one student that can be used for Ala Carte' station.  Keeping watching to see who will be the next winner!

Pictured are Tonette Brown with OPAA Foods, Ebony Johnson, and Mr. Drummond, CMS Principal.

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Opaa! Celebrates Students

Each week Opaa! will be honoring a student at Matthews Elementary that not only participates in the lunch program, but also is very helpful and courteous.  This weeks winner is Seth G.

Congratulations Seth!

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Archery For All

Not only is archery being offered after-school but all students in 2nd semester PE are able to learn as well. Archery is not part of the Physical Education curriculum at Central Middle School. CMS is excited to expose all students to this sport.
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Artistic Ability Recognized


As an assignment in art class, the students had to create their version of Figures in Motion by artist Keith Haring that Mrs. Hutcheson shared with her class at Matthews Elementary.  With this assignment , Allie Kenedy, a fifth grader in Mrs. Kenedy’s class, took the assignment on and created a piece she named “Neon Movements”.  Mrs. Hutcheson was so impressed with her work that she received approval from Allie’s parents and entered the piece into the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri’s art display showcasing the talent of students in the southeast Missouri area. From there the piece was chosen to be displayed at the office of State Representative Don Rone, Representative for the 149th district, in Jefferson City for a year.   Allie and her family will be traveling to Jefferson City in February to see her work installed in Mr. Rones office.  Allie is the daughter of Gary and Christie Kenedy of Matthews. 

Congratulations Allie, we all are so very proud of you!

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NOA That Is Awesome

Ms. Valerie Robbins’ 8th grade Career and Explorations Technology class engages students in DEPCO career concepts, and STEM Experiences. Students are introduced to career in areas such as science, communication, construction, engineering, graphics, and more.  

Recently Aaron Panek, an educational consultant from DEPCO, visited Ms. Robbins’ classroom.  Along with him, he brought a NAO robot (pronounced “Now”) in which students were able to interact and “communicate” with.  This humanoid robot is the ideal platform for teaching or researching in Science and Technology.  “NOW” the robot, allows middle school technology teachers to introduce students to computer programing. Students are able to program the NAO robot through computer programming, learning a variety of skills related to STEM education.

During the visit, “NOW” showed off some smooth dance moves from the “Thriller” dance.  He played “Guess the Sport” (similar to charades), with the students, and gave demonstrations about “his” abilities. Pictured here is Jace Robinson. He and “NOW” are walking around the room together after Jace gave him the command to “Take a Walk”.  With this programmed command, “NOW” will raise “his” arm and open “his” hand to grasp yours.  Jace was able to steer “NOW” in the direction of his choice.     

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Rubix Cube Master!

Christopher Coffer, a sixth grader at the New Madrid Middle School, use an algorithm to solve all six sides of the Rubix cube simultaneously.  The students in Mrs. Wilderness's math class have been studying the algorithm of division and discovered that steps can be also used to solve a Rubix cube.  Christopher became  challenged and completed the task after watching YouTube videos and practicing until he perfected it in under 5 minutes.  Go Christopher!!!

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