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Library is Closed

Although there is still a couple of days left of school, today we had to hang up the "Library is Closed" sign as our 2018 -2019 Library Assistant has left us.  We were so lucky to get Miss Mattie Bolen this year as our Library Assistant; As a student in Mrs. Hanlin's fifth grade class, she would often say that she wanted to be a Librarian when she grew up.  With Miss Mattie's presence in the Library, students made more of an effort to go in and check out books, take AR tests and were quoted as saying that "Miss Mattie makes the Library such a fun place to be" 

We wish her all the best and can't wait to see what happens next!!  Good Luck Miss Mattie!!


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Although the week has come to an end, the appreciation we have for our teachers and staff  lives on daily.  To finish out our week we turn our attention to our Special Class department, which consists of PE, Art and Music.  

First, we'd like to recognize our Art teacher, Mrs. Hutcheson.  Mrs. H, as the students call her, has been with the district for 8 years . She is an awesome mom and has a love for the arts like no other.  She is a constant inspiration to her students and to the staff.  

Secondly, we'd like to recognize our Music teacher,  Mrs. Johnson.  Mrs. Johnson has been with the district for 15 years starting out as a school nurse, but her love of music took her back to school to get a degree in music education.  

Last, but not least,  we'd like to thank Coach Sapp for his 23 years with NMCC school district.  Coach has spent his years as a middle school baseball and basketball coach.  He is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and Mizzou Tigers!  He is the father of one son that attends college in Springfield.  Things wouldn't be the same in "Baseball Heaven" without him! 

Saying thank you is never enough!

These teachers work day in and day out to make Matthews Elementary the awesome school that it is!!  Please take a moment to thank your students teachers! 



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Today we'd like to take a moment to thank our Special Education and Intervention department.  

Mrs. Jackson is our Speech Pathologist and Interventionist; She is a Sikeston native and  mom of two boys. 

Mrs. Jeanna is our other Interventionist; Shes a graduate of NMCC and is the mom of three and grandma of three granddaughters.  She loves to spend her free time with her grandkids or at the lake.  

Mr. John is new to our district in the classroom, but he also drives one of our bus routes.  He is a proud veteran of the US Army.  He is currently taking college courses to further his education while also working full time.  

Mrs. Amber is also new to the district as a Teachers aide and one on one aide.  Mrs. Amber recently moved to the area and is a mom to one daughter. 

Ms. Elizabeth is our most recent new hire.  She is an assistant teacher and one on one aide.  She is the mom of two and is excited to be with us this year. 

Last, but not least, Ms. Strop.  Ms. Strop came to us in January as the new Special Education Teacher from Sikeston.  She is a mom and a proud grandma!  

Thank you for everything that you all are doing for our students. 

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As we continue with our salute to to teachers; Today we would like to recognize our staff in the Third, Fourth and Fifth grades: 

First, We'd like to salute Miss Delisle, she has been with the district since 2016, starting off as a Fourth grade teacher, Miss Delisle now teaches third grade.  She is a dog mom and one of her favorite things to do during the school year is having her students read the book "Wonder".  She is also a very talented painter and spent the summer painting the doors in our main hallway with covers of some of the student and staffs favorite books.

Next is Mrs. Lawson; She has been with the district for 19 years, she has taught sixth grade, third and now fourth.  Mrs.Lawson is the mom of two boys, one who is graduating this year and loves to travel when she gets a chance.  Mrs. Lawson was chosen as a recipient of the VFW  Elementary Teacher of the Year award for her patriotism and sharing that with her students. 

Last on our list today is Mrs. Kenedy! Mrs. Kenedy has been with the district for 20 years and also has taught at Middle School, Third grade and has been teaching Fifth grade for the last few years.  She is a mom of two and followed in the footsteps of her parents, who were both teachers.  Mrs. Kenedy earned the honor of being named the Southeast District Teacher of the Year this year and we are so proud to have her with us.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our students!!  

We Appreciate You!

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As we continue with our salute to to teachers; Today we would like to recognize our staff in the First and Second grade:

Our first grade teacher is Mrs. Nelson; She is a wife, mother of two and a NMCC Graduate.  She has been teaching with us for 5 years!  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!

Our first grade assistant teacher is Ms. Vickey Graham! Ms. Vickey has been with the district for 5 years as well.  She is a mother to three wonderful children.  She is definitely a blessing to our building!

Last, but not least, our second grade teacher, Ms. Pullen.  Ms. Pullen is originally from Charleston, Mo, a mom to two children and has been with our district for 12 years. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week!


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We would like to take this week to pay homage to our teachers and staff here at Matthews Elementary.  Daily we will showcase a group of teachers that have gone the extra mile, spent the extra minutes and given out all the extra hugs to our students.  

Starting with our Prek and Kindergarten teachers:

Mrs. Kristi  is in her  21st year at New Madrid County R-1. She is married and the mom to two wonderful kids!  

Mrs. Palmer is in 8th year of teaching and is married  and a mom to two sweet littles!  

Miss Myers is in her first year with us here at Matthews and is a Dog mom to her sweet puppy.  

We look forward to many more years with these wonderful ladies! 

 We Wish you a wonderful Teachers Appreciation Week! 
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