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September PeaceBuilders

Students at Matthews Elementary are chosen each month as "Peacebuilders of the Month" by showing that they are capable of praising people, giving up put downs and seeking and being wise people.  They were also chosen because of their ability to make smart choices and help others around them.  

Congratulations to:

Kambri (PK), Noah (K), Sarah (K), Jersey (1st), Gavin (2nd), Ethan (3rd), Amber (4th) and Kiyla (5th) and our staff PeaceBuilder Ms. Destiny!

Our Community Peacebuilder is Ms. Debbie Grimes for helping us set up for our Grandparents Day Breakfast and assisting Nurse Barbara during our yearly screenings. 




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What do the two have in common?  The Peacebuilder program  teaches students about being kind to others, working to bring peace to the community and to school.  The elephant is none other than sweet Dumbo!  Students in the Morning PreK class spent some time in the library being read the book Dumbo and learning what it means to care about each other and be accepting of each others differences. 

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Cooking with Cass

Cooking with Cass

Students in our kindergarten classes have started their adventures with the SuperKids reading program and the first character that they've met is Cass.  Cass loves to cook casserole concoctions, as I'm sure you've probably heard, and she also has a cat named Coconut that likes to watch her cook.  The students are so excited about their superkids adventures that one of Mrs. Palmers students, Noah, decided to make a recipe in his "Cass's Cookbook". 

He was so excited to work on this dish and his parents were as well and couldn't wait to share his creation with us.


Great Job Noah!!!


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