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JR4H - The Final Tally

Matthews Elementary celebrated their epic Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser with an assembly on Friday, April 13th.  With Mrs. Hanlin starting the assembly with the students reciting the PeaceBuilder Pledge and then afterwards Mrs. Melanie took a few minutes to explain why we held the Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser.  Explaining to the students how important it is to exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest.  She also explained how the heart needs to have at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.  We also discussed how some people are born with Heart defects and have to undergo treatments and surgeries to help them and how our fundraiser will help support the research for those affected. 

Coach Sapp then lead the Fourth and Fifth Grade students in a Jump Rope Relay; each team had 10 members who had to run to the end of the court, jump rope as many times as possible in 30 seconds and run back, the winning team for the relay was Mrs. Kenedys Fifth grade team!  

At the conclusion of the relay, the top fundraisers were named: Allie K., Jayden K, Aubrey P and Laila N.  These lucky students used Coach as their target and sprayed him down with silly string!  He was such a great sport...then the final total was revealed to the entire school with awesome applause!  Mrs. Melanie then explained that she had made a promise at the beginning that if the students were able to raise $1,000 that she would KISS A PIG!!  Not only did they meet that goal, they actually doubled the total with $2,099!!!




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Making your Heart Skip....

At the beginning of February Students at Matthews Elementary got their fundraising forms and went looking for sponsors to help them raise money for the American Heart Association.  On Friday, February 23rd they  picked up their jump ropes,  jumped over hurdles and learned how to check their heart rate all to raise money and awareness for this great cause!  The original goal for the event was $1000.00 and if we reached that goal the top 5 earners would win a chance to spray Coach Sapp and Mrs. Melanie with  crazy string... but, as they started the reach the goal, the incentive got better; not only would they get to spray the staff with crazy string, but Mrs. Melanie volunteered to Kiss a PIG if they could reach $1500.00.  With only ONE more day left of the fundraiser, the students are anxiously awaiting to see if the bonus incentive has been reached... STAY TUNED......

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Jump rope for heart

Friday February 23rd Lilbourn Elementary students attended an assembly to close out their Jump rope for heart fundraiser.  All donations collected were donated to the American Heart Association.  The total amount raised was $2370.62 Laine McElveen in 4th grade was our top earner raising $1230.00!!!! She received the Heart Hero medal and also received a pizza/dance party for her entire class. 

During the assembly several students were chosen to demonstrate the jump rope skills they have been practicing in P.E.  The favorite was the criss-cross!!!

Mrs. Brittain had a special treat for any student hat raised $20 or more.  The students were each given an egg to crack over her head.  The student who picked and cracked the unboiled egg would get to be the principal for a day!!! Malakhi Hughes was the lucky winner!!

Thank you to everyone that participated and gave a donation for this great event!!!



Pictured above are Laine with Coach Gorton and Malakhi with Mrs. Brittain

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Dunk or Jump?

On February 1st and continuing through February 28th, students at Matthews Elementary will either Dunk or Jump and raise money for the American Heart Association during Heart Health Month!!! Students can register online to give up sugary drinks, exercise 60 minutes a day or to eat at least one serving of fruits and vegetables a day!  The kids can earn badges for signing up online, their first donations and more!  With these badges comes prizes that they can earn for each dollar amount milestone.  But, as an added bonus, the students will also be able to earn these special privileges if we meet or exceed our $1000.00 Goal!


If we meet our building goal:  The top 10 earners will get a chance to spray Mrs. Melanie and Coach Sapp  with Silly String!!

If we exceed our goal and raise $1500.00 Mrs. Melanie has graciously volunteered to Kiss a ??? (You'll have to wait and see)

They highest earners in Grades 2-5 will get a chance to be "Coach for a day" in PE classes with Coach Sapp!!!

If you'd like to donate to Matthews Elementary School, You can do so by clicking on this link:


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