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Celebrating Peace Builders


During the Friday assembly, Mrs. Hanlin took a moment to recognize our September Peace Builders:


Prek - Jonas 
Kindergarten: Jayda 
Kindergarten: Connor
First: Serenity
Second: Tarren
Third: Braden
Fourth: Patti
Fifth: Madison

Staff: Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Lawson, Mrs. Kenedy and Mrs. Palmer who are all members of our Building Leadership Team! 


Congratulations and keep up the great work!!

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It is the first day of school and we are off to a great start at Matthews Elementary! I was SO PROUD of our students this morning.  This school year we have a lot of new students starting at Matthews Elementary and it warmed my heart when our students went up and introduced themselves and helped the new students by showing them where to place their backpacks in the gym, how to go to the cafeteria for breakfast, and where to line up.  Our PEACEBUILDERS were busy this morning "Helping Others."  These behaviors were such a wonderful sight to see on our first morning of school!  We're off to a great start and I am confident that this will be our BEST YEAR YET!

Signing with extreme pride, 

Mrs. Hanlin

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