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Cooking with Cass

Cooking with Cass

Students in our kindergarten classes have started their adventures with the SuperKids reading program and the first character that they've met is Cass.  Cass loves to cook casserole concoctions, as I'm sure you've probably heard, and she also has a cat named Coconut that likes to watch her cook.  The students are so excited about their superkids adventures that one of Mrs. Palmers students, Noah, decided to make a recipe in his "Cass's Cookbook". 

He was so excited to work on this dish and his parents were as well and couldn't wait to share his creation with us.


Great Job Noah!!!


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Students and teachers at Matthews Elementary Kindergarten through second grade dressed up as their favorite characters from the "Superkids Reading Program" .  With characters such as Cass and her “Casserole Concoctions” and her cat, Coconut to Golly the dog that lives with Gus and Gert and loves to smell things around him, especially garbage!

Everyone had such a great time getting to meet the Superkids!


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