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Students in Mrs. Palmer and Miss Myers kindergarten class spent Monday afternoon celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast! There were Rice Krispie Treat Drumsticks, Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, applesauce and capri suns.  The students definitely gobbled till they wobbled after all of that.  They also made feather headbands and pilgrim hats to wear as part of the celebration.  

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5th Grade Peacebuilder lesson for this week was based on the book "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds.   Through this story students are encouraged to believe in the power of YET!!! “Keep trying! Not we can’t do it but we can’t do it yet!!!” as with Vashti when she didn't believe she could draw.

Students worked in small groups to create the longest paper chains possible using one sheet of paper, one pair of scissors, and one sheet of dots. They were given two attempts and here is what they came up with: 

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It was a dark and.....

Students in Miss Delisle's third grade class spent some time in their English class learning what components it takes to make a story.  The students used what is called a story cubes to determine how to start the story, the character in the story, the location and the actions of the story.  When they were done writing, they then shared their "Spooky Stories"  with their classmates. 



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1st Quarter Luau

Students at Matthews Elementary were treated to an Ice Cream Soda Luau for reaching their Accelerated Reader goals, even surpassing them, for the  First quarter! 



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Making Gravity Art

Students in the 3rd - 5th Grade Learning Lab group worked on an interesting art project on Wednesday afternoon under the direction of Miss Delisle.  

They used different tools to create the different effects of the "splatter" from the paint and gravity:


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Classroom teachers across the state of Missouri are given the opportunity to apply for a grant through the MDC Discover Nature Schools Nature Unleashed program.  With this grant teachers have the chance to promote conservation education through instructional units through resources and funding from the grant. 

One of the units the students have done with the grant is to plant Boxwood shrubs between the main building and the art/music building.  Not only will this be a beautiful addition to the campus, it has a purpose.  As they grow they will provide shelter from any debris and wind.  

Pictured below are:
Bella, Violet, Constance, Mr. Allen, Brayden, Caine and JC planting the new boxwoods. 


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September PeaceBuilders

Students at Matthews Elementary are chosen each month as "Peacebuilders of the Month" by showing that they are capable of praising people, giving up put downs and seeking and being wise people.  They were also chosen because of their ability to make smart choices and help others around them.  

Congratulations to:

Kambri (PK), Noah (K), Sarah (K), Jersey (1st), Gavin (2nd), Ethan (3rd), Amber (4th) and Kiyla (5th) and our staff PeaceBuilder Ms. Destiny!

Our Community Peacebuilder is Ms. Debbie Grimes for helping us set up for our Grandparents Day Breakfast and assisting Nurse Barbara during our yearly screenings. 




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What do the two have in common?  The Peacebuilder program  teaches students about being kind to others, working to bring peace to the community and to school.  The elephant is none other than sweet Dumbo!  Students in the Morning PreK class spent some time in the library being read the book Dumbo and learning what it means to care about each other and be accepting of each others differences. 

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Meet Ms. McSpadden

Students and staff at Matthews Elementary are so excited to welcome Ms. Destiny McSpadden as a full time librarian for our building!  Ms. McSpadden has been with New Madrid County R1 School district for 13 years.  She has worked at the High school level, at New Madrid Elementary and now we welcome her here!   

Ms. Destiny has made the Library into a tropical oasis for students and teachers alike; with her tiki hut check out counter to the oceanic views that adorn the wall.  

Welcome to Matthews Ms. McSpadden! We are so HaPpY to have you here!

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Kindergarten students that have registered for the upcoming school year were able to come to Matthews Elementary the week of July 15th for the annual Kindergarten Camp.  During the camp the students were introduced to their future teachers, Mrs. Palmer and Miss Myers, they were prepared for what it will be like in the classes with activities, playtime, new friends and proper bus procedures.  On the last day of camp, those that were in attendance were giving certificates of completion and two students, Arianna and Randy, won brand new backpacks filled with supplies! 




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