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Students and teachers at Matthews Elementary Kindergarten through second grade dressed up as their favorite characters from the "Superkids Reading Program" .  With characters such as Cass and her “Casserole Concoctions” and her cat, Coconut to Golly the dog that lives with Gus and Gert and loves to smell things around him, especially garbage!

Everyone had such a great time getting to meet the Superkids!


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Divide and Conquer


Fifth grade has been working on dividing decimals with 4 digit dividends and 2 digit divisors.  Today after the lesson, Carter wanted a more challenging problem because he felt like the ones we had been working on were too easy.  Of course, his teacher was more than happy to challenge him.  Carter worked several problems with 6 and 7 digit dividends and then finished off with a problem that had a  10 digit dividend and a two digit divisor!  He got every problem correct!  This is amazing work!  Way to go Carter!! 

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Laissez les bons temps rouler - 

Let the good times roll! 

Students and staff at Matthews Elementary were treated to a Mardi Gras tradition with "Traditional King Cakes" courtesy of Rochelle Fielder and Jon Gregory Delisle, the daughter and husband of the late Celia Delisle.  Mrs. Celia was employed at Matthews Elementary for many years and started the tradition of having King Cakes at school for everyone to enjoy.  Her family has kept her memory and tradition alive by sending these yummy treats to us again!  

Thank you so much Rochelle and Mr. Delisle!!!

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Staying Alive...

Students with Mrs. Gloria Houston's Health Occupations class visited with Matthews Elementary students in 3rd - 5th grade Learning Labs to show them the power of CPR Knowledge.  Students were shown the importance of know CPR and how to administer the life saving procedure to someone in need.  

Matthews Elementary students thank Mrs. Houston and her students for coming to our Learning Lab session! 

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Who Grew My Soup?

Students in Ms. Pullens second grade class welcomed Mr. Clay Hawes from New Madrid Farm Bureau to read a book that centers around the character Phineas and his questions of Who, why and how his mothers choice for lunch was made.  The book called "Who Grew My Soup" takes Phin on an adventure to visit the many farms that are a integral part of making a delicious bowl of soup.  Afterwards Mr. Hawes, on behalf of NMFB, donated the book to the schools library for students to read on their own.  We can't thank Mr. Hawes and New Madrid Farm Bureau enough for their support of our district.


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100 Days of Learning

February 1st marked an amazing milestone... It was the 100th Day of School!

Students and staff took time during the day not only to celebrate, but to learn all about the things they can do by the "100s"  From stringing 100 fruit loops on string to building towers with 100 cups, even making their own trail mix with 10 pieces of 10 different items to equal 100!!!  What is something you can do to 100? Do you have 100 bucket list things that you'd like to do?  We'd like to say 100 Thank You's to our parents, teachers and students for a great 100 days! 


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During their monthly meeting the Matthews Big Prairie Jaycees voted to present a check to Matthews Elementary PTO to be used towards student needs.  Presenting the check to Mrs. Angie Hanlin is Big Prairie Jaycees President Ben Pyles.   We can’t thank them enough for their support of Matthews Elementary School.



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Welcome to 2019!!



Welcome to 2019!!!
Matthews Elementary declared 2019 The Year of Our Accomplishments! For the next few weeks,
our growth mindset word will be Accomplish.  This year we are going to proudly celebrate each and
every accomplishment made by the students, classes, teachers & the school!  What will we accomplish? 
You'll just have to wait & see but we know the sky's the limit!



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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Students in the Matthews Elementary 3rd - 5th grade Learning Lab were able to go and spread some Christmas cheer to residents at Cotton Wood Point Living Center in Matthews.  The students stood in the halls of the facility singing carols and afterwards handed out cards that were made by various students.  


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Opaa!! Salutes

Opaa! salutes the following students for being kind, helpful and using good manners during:

Caleb M. Peyton G Madison G and Skylar A. 


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