After-School Enrichment Is Gearing Up!

We are excited to begin our second year offering after-school learning labs and enrichment activities! Below is a list of activities that will be offered at CMS. Grab some friends and join us after school as we explore different career and recreational areas of interest. You will get a weekly schedule that you will follow for the whole trimester (approx. 8 weeks), so if you don’t get your first choice, you will have the chance to experience that activity some time during the year.  This is your opportunity to explore new and exciting things! You definitely won’t be bored!

Sixth grade will sign up with Mr. Jamerson, seventh grade with Mrs. Sutton, and 8th grade with Mr. Schoemehl on Monday, August 21.  If you would like to sign up after that, email Mrs. Sutton,, to enroll.












Culinary Arts

Girls Club








Creative Writing

Jazz Band




Archery- Learn how to aim and shoot a real bow and arrow at different targets.

Art- Create different types of art work.

BMX- Students will build a BMX bike with a partner and do experiments using different adjustments.

Coding/Cryptography- students will use computer program to learn the basics of computer program coding as well as learn the art of cryptography, decoding secret codes and writing secret codes.

Creative Writing- Learn/practice writing poems, short stories, and other types of writing that show your artistic/creative abilities.

Culinary Arts- Learn how to read and cook simple recipes.

Games- Learn how to play different board, card, and recreational games. Will have to work well with others and be a team player.

Gardening/Landscaping- Learn the basics of gardening and plant flowers in front of the school. You will get dirt on you.

Girls Club- Girls only! J Learn different skills that will help the rest of your life, while having fun and gaining confidence!

Jazz Band- 7th and 8th grade band members interested may join.

Journalism- Learn the basics of writing a story and creating a newsletter or newspaper. Your work will show up on the school website!

Robotics- use the Vex Robotics system, build and program a robot.

STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math; students will create projects and experiments based on STEM categories.

TOPS- for 7th grade students who were in TOP S last year.

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