Dunk or Jump?

On February 1st and continuing through February 28th, students at Matthews Elementary will either Dunk or Jump and raise money for the American Heart Association during Heart Health Month!!! Students can register online to give up sugary drinks, exercise 60 minutes a day or to eat at least one serving of fruits and vegetables a day!  The kids can earn badges for signing up online, their first donations and more!  With these badges comes prizes that they can earn for each dollar amount milestone.  But, as an added bonus, the students will also be able to earn these special privileges if we meet or exceed our $1000.00 Goal!


If we meet our building goal:  The top 10 earners will get a chance to spray Mrs. Melanie and Coach Sapp  with Silly String!!

If we exceed our goal and raise $1500.00 Mrs. Melanie has graciously volunteered to Kiss a ??? (You’ll have to wait and see)

They highest earners in Grades 2-5 will get a chance to be “Coach for a day” in PE classes with Coach Sapp!!!

If you’d like to donate to Matthews Elementary School, You can do so by clicking on this link:



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