Education is Our Thing!!!

Mrs. Karizamimba invited Johanne Karizamimba and Gretchen Hanlin (Mrs. Hanlin’s daughter) to come and visit the 5th grade class on Friday, August 25th. The kids were surprised when they walked in! For one, I think they were more surprised that Mrs. Karizamimba has a life and family outside of school. Haha!! Johanne and Gretchen shared their school experiences and the importance of education with the class. They spoke on what education means to them and how it is important to work hard to accomplish much. They were able to take a trip to Africa this summer and shared a few experiences with the class. They compared the schools in Africa to America and realized that we have such privilege and freedom to be able to go to school in America. The class enjoyed question and answer time with Gretchen and Johanne. I believe the students walked away from today’s experience with excitement and new found vision that they can do anything and be whatever they want to in life through hard work and perseverance.  Thank you, Johanne and Gretchen for taking time to come and visit us! 

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