First Next Then Airplane

Paper airplanes in English class? It may sound strange, but my students actually constructed paper airplanes as an extension to a mini-lesson I taught over sequence. Sequence is a component of text structure, and it is important for 6th grade students to be able to recognize how text is organized.

My students worked with a partner or independently to write instructions on how to construct a paper airplane using sequence. Then, students had to use their own instructions to make their paper airplane. This was exciting to observe, because some students realized their instructions were in the wrong order. My students realized their instructions did not make sense and were able to correct the sequence. Lastly, students were able to test out their instructions by flying their planes. This was a simple lesson, but my students had fun and learned about an important concept at the same time.

-Melissa Noble, 6th grade Communication Arts

Sixth grade student Lee Kenedy with his paper airplane he constructed using sequence.

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