For 6th Graders: Bus Route Info for Incoming 6th Grade Students to CMS

BUSES RUN THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 11: If your student is entering 6th grade at Central Middle School, you may not know times and bus numbers. We want you to feel confident about your child’s experience with us.

Please refer to the following bus information. Other bus route details are available by calling your building principal or John Garner at 573.688.2161.

-Bus 64 Elem Bus was 61
Matthews students living on FF , Pharris Ridge,  and in  Matthews on the South side of Hwy 80/E will be riding bus 64 and pick up times will start at the northwest  end of the county around 6:45 AM and will be entering Matthews between 7:10 – 7:15.  64 will be leaving town for Central around 7:30 

-Bus 71 Elem bus was 76
North End of the County, Hwy AA, 806, 807, apartments behind JC Penny and coming back south on 61.  Pick up times start around 6:35 on Hwy AA , 7:00 on Hwy 806 and 807, 7:15 Behind JC Penny, 7:20 on as the heads back south on Hwy 61.

-Bus 40 Elem bus was 65
Marston/Hwy EE/ South end of the county – Pick up time will be 6:35 to 7:10.  South end of the county will be 6:35 then in town.  Bus 40 will be leaving Marston area no later than 7:20.

-Bus 67 Elem bus was 61
Canalou/North Matthews
Pick up times begin in Canalou and outlining areas around 6:25.  Bus 67 will leave Canalou around 7:10 headed toward Matthews then headed south for Central around 7:30.

-Bus 62 Farrenburg/Kewanne/LaForge   Same bus as they rode as a 5th grader

-Bus 73  Elem bus was 12 or 56 
Parma – Pickup times begin at 6:35 in outlining areas and then the bus will proceed to in town route around 6:50 to 7:00.  Bus will head to Central no later than 7:15-7:20. 

-Bus 37 – Elem bus was 48
Pick time starts at 6:50 on the north end of town and proceeds through town back toward central.

-Bus 52, 72, 30, 74
New Madrid, St. Ann area, Holy land and 61 Hwy toward Central
Pick up times all begin after 7:20. 

-Bus 68 – Students ride the same bus  as they did as a 5th grader.
North Lilbourn/Catron/Weeks street

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