How can you be bored? It’s summer!

Middle school students spend roughly 1,300 hours in school each year before the ever-exciting SUMMER BREAK! They start making summer plans the moment the suns begins to shine for more than a few hours and the temperatures stay about 60. You can always hear chatter at school about trips to see family, the beach, or plans to hang out with friends for the next few months. They are excited…for a few days, until summer boredom sets in.  I’m sure parents know exactly what we’re talking about! 

“I’m bored!”
“There’s nothing fun to do around here!”
“Can we go here…or there?”

Summer for a pre-teen or new teenager can be tricky, trying to figure out what boundaries to set and new responsibilities to try out. Many students at this age want to start earning their own money and summer is the perfect time to let them try, if you feel like your student is responsible enough.  According to, a blog sponsored by Disney, here are a few summer jobs for your middle school student to consider.

  • Pet sitting
  • Dog walking
  • Washing cars
  • Babysitting
  • Mowing yards
  • Helping in a garden
  • Tutoring
  • Sell homemade crafts
  • Host a yard sale
  • Extra chores/cleaning
  • Help in an office
  • Outdoor handy-man projects

You know what your student is capable of doing now and what you are willing to let them learn, so don’t listen to “I’m bored” anymore! Let them start learning responsibility and budgeting with a new summer job!

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