JR4H – The Final Tally

Matthews Elementary celebrated their epic Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser with an assembly on Friday, April 13th.  With Mrs. Hanlin starting the assembly with the students reciting the PeaceBuilder Pledge and then afterwards Mrs. Melanie took a few minutes to explain why we held the Jump Rope For Heart Fundraiser.  Explaining to the students how important it is to exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest.  She also explained how the heart needs to have at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.  We also discussed how some people are born with Heart defects and have to undergo treatments and surgeries to help them and how our fundraiser will help support the research for those affected. 

Coach Sapp then lead the Fourth and Fifth Grade students in a Jump Rope Relay; each team had 10 members who had to run to the end of the court, jump rope as many times as possible in 30 seconds and run back, the winning team for the relay was Mrs. Kenedys Fifth grade team!  

At the conclusion of the relay, the top fundraisers were named: Allie K., Jayden K, Aubrey P and Laila N.  These lucky students used Coach as their target and sprayed him down with silly string!  He was such a great sport…then the final total was revealed to the entire school with awesome applause!  Mrs. Melanie then explained that she had made a promise at the beginning that if the students were able to raise $1,000 that she would KISS A PIG!!  Not only did they meet that goal, they actually doubled the total with $2,099!!!




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