Leveling Up at Lilbourn Elementary

Students at Lilbourn Elementary are participating in a unique piece of the Whole Brain Teaching system called The Super Improver Wall. The Super Improver Wall (SIW) is an approach to recognize and reward student improvement. Using the Super Improver Wall, students earn stars as indications of personal improvement (individual goals are set prior to the start of the SIW) and these stars are then placed on the students’ cards. Since stars are awarded on an individual level, each student is only competing against their last effort in a particular area (behavior goals, academic goals, etc.) Once students have earned 10 stars on their card, then they get to “level up” on the SIW. Every SIW has 10 levels, so all students have the opportunity to make 100 improvements on various goals throughout the year!!! Teachers at Lilbourn are finding great success with Whole Brain Teaching’s Super Improver Wall because it is perfectly individualized and differentiated for the needs of each learner throughout the whole school. Pictured is Cara Woods (1st grader in Mrs. Christina Taylor’s class) leveling up to level 2 on the Super Improver Wall.

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