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Who Grew My Soup?

Students in Ms. Pullens second grade class welcomed Mr. Clay Hawes from New Madrid Farm Bureau to read a book that centers around the character Phineas and his questions of Who, why and how his mothers choice for lunch was made.  The book called "Who Grew My Soup" takes Phin on an adventure to visit the many farms that are a integral part of making a delicious bowl of soup.  Afterwards Mr. Hawes, on behalf of NMFB, donated the book to the schools library for students to read on their own.  We can't thank Mr. Hawes and New Madrid Farm Bureau enough for their support of our district.


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100 Days of Learning

February 1st marked an amazing milestone... It was the 100th Day of School!

Students and staff took time during the day not only to celebrate, but to learn all about the things they can do by the "100s"  From stringing 100 fruit loops on string to building towers with 100 cups, even making their own trail mix with 10 pieces of 10 different items to equal 100!!!  What is something you can do to 100? Do you have 100 bucket list things that you'd like to do?  We'd like to say 100 Thank You's to our parents, teachers and students for a great 100 days! 


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During their monthly meeting the Matthews Big Prairie Jaycees voted to present a check to Matthews Elementary PTO to be used towards student needs.  Presenting the check to Mrs. Angie Hanlin is Big Prairie Jaycees President Ben Pyles.   We can’t thank them enough for their support of Matthews Elementary School.



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Welcome to 2019!!



Welcome to 2019!!!
Matthews Elementary declared 2019 The Year of Our Accomplishments! For the next few weeks,
our growth mindset word will be Accomplish.  This year we are going to proudly celebrate each and
every accomplishment made by the students, classes, teachers & the school!  What will we accomplish? 
You'll just have to wait & see but we know the sky's the limit!



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Spreading Christmas Cheer

Students in the Matthews Elementary 3rd - 5th grade Learning Lab were able to go and spread some Christmas cheer to residents at Cotton Wood Point Living Center in Matthews.  The students stood in the halls of the facility singing carols and afterwards handed out cards that were made by various students.  


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Opaa!! Salutes

Opaa! salutes the following students for being kind, helpful and using good manners during:

Caleb M. Peyton G Madison G and Skylar A. 


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VFW Teacher of the Year

New Madrid County Post 7183 Teacher of the Year

The Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award was started as a way to identify and recognize America’s best educators who instill a sense of national pride in their students.  Nominees from the New Madrid County area were submitted to New Madrid County Post 7183 in Lilbourn and Matthews Elementary fourth grade teacher, Sarah Lawson, was chosen out of those nominated in the county as the winner of the Elementary level (K-5) Lilbourn post awards.  Mrs. Lawson will now be eligible at the District level awards.  Congratulations Mrs. Lawson! 

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My First Book Report

Students in Mrs. Palmer and Miss Myers Kindergarten classes did their very first book report! 

 The students were able to choose a book and their parents read them.  After the they finished the story, they then decorated a pumpkin just like a character in the book.  On Halloween they were able to present their reports to their classmates and show off their characters. 

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Opaa! Salutes!

Opaa! Salutes students who are kind, use their manners and are very helpful during the breakfast and lunch breaks.  Congratulations to Kaylee C., Ethan B., and Addy H.


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2018 Red Ribbon Week

What a fun and wild week it was for 2018 Red Ribbon Week activities!  From the first day, when we wore red, to the last day, when we promise to "Scare Away Drugs" It has been awesome!  


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