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All of the students and staff at New Madrid Elementary are excited for the FIRST DAY of school!!! The staff at New Madrid Elementary worked hard all summer to prepare for the start of school. My favorite part about the first day of school is seeing the joy on every student’s face as they meet their new teacher and new friends for the very first time. I am very proud that ALL of the students and staff at New Madrid Elementary will make their mark on the school the next two weeks by painting rocks and placing them in the “River of Belonging” that is embedded in the landscaping as you enter the main entrance. The love and joy that I see from our students, staff, and parents as they enter the halls of this great school reminds me about why I decided to become an educator. We will always strive to put a smile on their face and joy to their heart as they learn and grow into positive and productive citizens. Thank you for allowing myself and the staff at New Madrid Elementary to be an extension of your family.
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