NOA That Is Awesome

Ms. Valerie Robbins’ 8th grade Career and Explorations Technology class engages students in DEPCO career concepts, and STEM Experiences. Students are introduced to career in areas such as science, communication, construction, engineering, graphics, and more.  

Recently Aaron Panek, an educational consultant from DEPCO, visited Ms. Robbins’ classroom.  Along with him, he brought a NAO robot (pronounced “Now”) in which students were able to interact and “communicate” with.  This humanoid robot is the ideal platform for teaching or researching in Science and Technology.  “NOW” the robot, allows middle school technology teachers to introduce students to computer programing. Students are able to program the NAO robot through computer programming, learning a variety of skills related to STEM education.

During the visit, “NOW” showed off some smooth dance moves from the “Thriller” dance.  He played “Guess the Sport” (similar to charades), with the students, and gave demonstrations about “his” abilities. Pictured here is Jace Robinson. He and “NOW” are walking around the room together after Jace gave him the command to “Take a Walk”.  With this programmed command, “NOW” will raise “his” arm and open “his” hand to grasp yours.  Jace was able to steer “NOW” in the direction of his choice.     

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