Regarding the 2017 Eclipse

Dear NMCR1 Parents and Students:

Regarding the upcoming eclipse, I have painstakingly reviewed potential scenarios and have decided that the following is best for our kids:

1) We will not be sending/taking students outside to view the eclipse Monday, August 21, 2017.
2) Students will be given the opportunity to view the eclipse from the NASA live broadcast via the advanced technology we possess in our classrooms.

I believe this to be the safest approach for our students for the following reasons:

1) When wearing the Solar Viewer glasses teachers cannot see well enough to guarantee the safety of 100% of our students.
2) Dismissing school is not an option because some parents may not be able to make arrangements for adult supervision during the day, posing an even greater threat for curious, younger students who may venture outside.

If you have questions or concerns you may contact your student’s building principal, or you are certainly welcome to call my office at 573.688.2161.

Sam Duncan, Ed. D., CFRE
Superintendent of Schools
New Madrid County R-1 

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