Sage and Scribe Learning Activity in Honors Algebra

Here’s how the activity goes in class:

FIRST: Sage gives scribe their paper.

*Sage explains to the scribe how to solve a problem or
perform a task using step-by-step instructions.

* Scribe completes the problem or task as the sage is
describing the steps.

* Sage coaches and praises the scribe as necessary.

* Students switch roles for the next problem/task.

After this is successfully done in class, then comes the homework:

FINISH this sage and scribe activity
with a different scribe.

The scribe can NOT be a
member of this class.

Bonus points will be awarded
if you get an administrator or school board member
to be your scribe. Bonus points will also be awarded
for submitting (via email or sharing on google
drive) a picture of you as the sage and the other
person as a scribe.


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