Story Time Surprise

Ms. Samantha Pullens Second Grade class had a couple of special guests on Wednesday, Mr. James Hann and Mr. Mike Geske of Missouri Farm Bureau.  Mr. Hann and Mr. Geske spent the morning with the classes reading a book called “Where Did My Clothes Come From?” by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti.  The book has students follow the thread and learn where their clothes had their start–and how they were put together. Mr. Geske also shared with the students a quilt that was made from shirts that belonged to his father, which is  a wonderful way to recycle materials.  The students were able to ask the guests about farming, the type of farming, the types of animals, etc.  As they finished with their visit, they also took a moment to donate the book to our library.  Thank you Mr. Geske and Mr. Hann for the visit, the story and the book!  

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