Triple Whammy Sentence Frames

Mrs. Christina Taylor’s 1st grade class has recently begun incorporating WBT’s Triple Whammy sentence frame into their daily oral writing activities. For a Triple Whammy sentence to be produced, students must say a topic sentence followed by three detail adders (phrases or words) that describe the topic sentence. While orally saying their Triple Whammy sentence to the class, students must also incorporate the Brainy gestures for punctuation and capitalization, use a student engagement technique (Class!, Class!) to engage the class, and use the “mirroring” technique to help activate the visual and motor cortexes of the brain. Both which are crucial to retaining information that we learn or receive. Triple Whammy sentences will eventually lead into paragraph writing which in turn leads into Essay writing as students get older. Pictured is Aydn demonstrating a Triple Whammy sentence. Great job Mrs Taylor and class!!

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