Veterans Day Salute

Students and Staff took the time to thank Veterans in our area for their services in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  Our speaker was Webb Manley, US Army.  The program started with a welcome from Allie Kenedy with the fourth and fifth graders leading the Pledge of Allegiance and the Start Spangled Banner.  “What is a Veteran?” was recited by Calleigh Cooksey and “A Veteran” by Dawson Loomes.  The students also sang You’re a Grand Old Flag and This Land is Your Land accompanied by Mrs. Hanlin who also introduced the speaker for the event, Webb Manley (US Army).

The following Veterans were honored during the ceremony:
US Army:                                                              U.S. Navy                              U.S. Air Force
Tim Alfont                                                             Joe Richardson                     Michael Blaylock
John Tilton                                                             Jimmy Adams                      Jared Herndon
John Chaney                                                          Taylor Karnes                      German T. Padilla
Clarence McCain                                                   Bruce Clark                          Daniel Adams
Brian Burnes                                                                                                       Charles”Tip” Clark
Don Brown                                                            US Marine Corps:                Brent Smith
Aaron Vaughn                                                                                                     Christopher Scobey
Roy Norton                                                           Robert Smith
Freddie Taylor                                                      Paul Henson
Arlene Clark
Don Adams
Webb Manley

We would like to thank everyone that attended our program and especially our honored guests and to Ms. Jill Bock for capturing the occasion.

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