Whole Brain Teaching Comes To Lilbourn Elementary

     For the first day of school, Lilbourn Elementary started the morning out in a different and unique way. First, all staff and students were invited to the gym where the school wide rules were introduced and discussed. However, these rules were presented with new teaching techniques that teachers and students will use and see this year. These teaching techniques come from a method called Whole Brain Teaching. Lilbourn Elementary teachers were taught these techniques this summer by the programs’ inventor and developer, Mr. Chris Biffle. When Whole Brain Teaching techniques are used in a classroom setting, students become more engaged and retain more of the information than with just standard lecture. WBT is taking center stage at Lilbourn Elementary and we are looking so forward to seeing how it helps all of our students at Lilbourn! Pictured are the teachers guiding the students through the school wide rules using Whole Brain Teaching!


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