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The mission of the New Madrid County R-1 School District is to ensure students have the knowledge, skills, and experience for success in life through a results-driven, school and community based educational program. The district will use state of the art resources to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the students of this district. It is our goal that every student be provided the opportunities necessary to acquire the knowledge as well as social, intellectual, and physical skills needed to become productive members of society.

Beliefs and Vision

  • All children, regardless of academic ability, have a right to a free and appropriate education.
  • Education should provide an opportunity for the maximum development of each individual within the limitations of his or her capacities. Through education, it is possible for the individual to discover and to achieve to the limits of his or her capacities.
  • In a democratic society, education must help the student realize his or her worth as an individual and should lead him or her toward becoming a productive member of society. Strong emphasis must be placed upon democratic values, which are important for an effective and satisfying personal and social life. Every student should graduate with good citizenship skills and be prepared for success in post-secondary education or immediate employment.
  • The role of the teacher in the educational process is to provide opportunities for the individual to achieve at the maximum level of capacity, to create a learning situation in which individual motivation for learning is the stimulus for achievement, and to promote through teaching and example the principles of the democratic way of life.
  • Parents/guardians have definite responsibilities in education. They need to have a basic confidence in the school, and they need to impart this confidence to the students. The parents/guardians may do this by cooperating to the fullest with the schools, by encouraging the student to give his or her best efforts with regard to the daily school responsibilities, and by participating in school activities.
  • The student must have responsibilities in the educational program of the community. The most important of these is attitude. The student is obliged to come with an open mind, to be equipped with all the necessary materials, ready to fulfill the responsibilities of the learning process. The basic attitude should be that the school is an institution of opportunity, staffed with trained personnel to help the student become a contributing member of society.
  • The foundation of the district’s educational program is based on the development of competencies in the basic fundamentals of reading, oral and written communication, mathematics, science, social studies, fine and practical arts, heath, recreation, and physical education.
  • The district’s education program is based on the development of competencies in the application of computers and related technology.
  • The district ensures all students will develop an awareness of the necessity that learning and the desire for knowledge be a life-long process. Every student should have the opportunity to develop basic life skills, become a responsible decision maker, have a good work ethic, and be able to adjust to the needs of a rapidly changing society.
  • The district will ensure all students will be treated with respect and provided with a safe learning environment which is free of negative influences and which will encourage the recognition of self worth.
  • The education of this district will help students clarify and develop appropriate character traits, values, and ethics which will prepare them to walk in harmony with their fellow man and be productive citizens in society.
  • The students in the R-1 District will value education; hold high personal and educational expectations; be responsible, productive citizens in the community; be life-long learners; and excel in all areas.

The education of our youth will be the guiding force of the New Madrid County R-1 School District. Every effort will be made to accomplish the mandates of the patrons of the school district, the state of Missouri and the federal government. Sound financial management will be used by the school district to hire qualified staff, implement program, purchase necessary equipment and supplies, and provide facilities to meet these goals.