Required Online Enrollment for
Current/RETURNING NMCR1 Students

Parents: We are requiring all student enrollment to be completed online. You may contact any of our school buildings during business hours for assistance if needed.

You no longer need to complete the multi-page packet for your children to start the school year. All you need to do is log in to Parent Portal and complete the Online Registration for your student(s)

This can be completed online by clicking the link below or using the Tyler Student 360 App.

If you have forgotten your username or password please contact your student(s) school.


If you do not have a parent portal login please click the link below to sign up for parent portal account.


The NMCR1 School District is utilizing an online registration system that is an easy and convenient way for you to provide information we need to get your student(s) enrollment information updated for the 2021-22 school year. This system will replace several of our required forms that parents completed every school year. Please know there may still be some paper copy forms that may need to be sent home once school starts

To update your student’s information, you will need to be signed up in parent portal*. Once you login to parent portal for SISK12 in the 21-22 school year, you will see a red on-line registration block. Please click on this block and a menu of forms will display for you to review and update. Some of the forms collect information about your entire family and some forms are specific to each student. You will only need to enter changes. If the information listed is correct, you will mark the form as complete and advance to the next form. If your address has changed, please update the appropriate form and bring in proof of residency for that address to the school of your oldest school-aged child.

*If you have not signed up for parent portal, you can do so by contacting your child’s school. Only one form is necessary per family.

If you have technical questions regarding this process, please call 573-688-2161. If you have questions about the enrollment process, you can contact any of the building administrative offices or 573-688-2161. If you prefer to complete paper copies instead of utilizing the online update process, you may contact your students building to make arrangements.