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Our business program consists of four courses:  Computer Applications, Business Technology, Accounting I and Accounting II.

The computer applications course is an introductory course and designed for students that have little or no experience using computer applications.  The primary objective is to expose students to practical examples of the computer as a useful tool and to acquaint students with the proper procedures to create documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.  Students are able to obtain dual credit for this course through Southeast Missouri State University for course number:  AD 101-83.

The business technology course is designed to help students develop the qualities, knowledge, and skills necessary for working in a business.  Students enhance computer application skills as they develop competencies needed by administrative support professionals.

The Accounting I course is designed to introduce students to the basic tenets of accounting and to serve as a foundation course for students who are considering a career in accounting.

The Accounting II course provides the students a more in-depth knowledge of accounting procedures and practices.

The instructor for computer applications and business technology is Mrs. Betty Eddy.  She is a resident of New Madrid.  You can reach Mrs. Eddy at the number below or her email is:

         Betty Eddy

The instructor for accounting is Mrs. Mary Landers.  Mrs. Landers lives in Risco.  You can reach Mrs. Landers at the number below or her email is:

        Mary Landers





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