Technical Skills Center

Automotive Technology

The is a two year course designed to provide students the opportunity to acquire the basic skills of Automotive Technology. This program is taught by an ASE “Automotive Service Excellence” certified instructor. The students will learn the basic theory of auto technology. The students will also have the opportunity to take ASE certification exams if they qualify. Students will develop personal characteristics, positive attitudes, and communication skills essential for a successful career. This program prepares the student for an entry level auto service position or the ability to continue his post-secondary education.

Our Auto Technology instructor is Mr. Robert Green. Mr. Green lives in Kewanee. If you need to contact Mr. Green you can call the number below or his email address is:


  • 310 US Highway 61
    New Madrid, MO 63869
  • Telephone (573) 688-2165
    Fax (573) 688-2169

Catching Up at the Tech Skills Center