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Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession

This course is designed for the students that are considering the elementary or secondary teaching profession.  Each student is assigned to intern in a district elementary school.  Students keep a weekly journal, create a bulletin board, prepare and present a lesson and work closely with students of the assigned supervising teacher. 

Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible.  Individuals who work in education instill the knowledge and skills that everyone from preschoolers to adult learners need to succeed.  Caring, capable, and committed teachers help prepare students for the many rewards and challenges that personal, professional, and civic life brings.

This course is offered for dual credit through Southeast Missouri State University as course number: ED280-83.

The course is taught by Mrs. Andrea Harris.  She is a past graduate of NMCC and lives within our community.  To reach Mrs. Harris you can call the number below or email her at:

Andrea Harris


  • 310 US Highway 61
    New Madrid, MO 63869
  • Telephone (573) 688-2165
    Fax (573) 688-2169

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