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Pro Start

The Pro Start program is a two year program.  It consists of Pro Start I which is a course designed to train students for career opportunities in the food service/culinary arts industry.  Students will learn to use and maintain commercial food service equipment, perform quantity food preparation, and establish their own food business.  Pro Start II is an advanced course in which the students will learn nutrition, cost control, purchasing and inventory, marketing, sustainability, breakfast food and sandwiches, salads and garnishing, meat, poultry, seafood, desserts, and baked goods.

The instructor for our program is Mrs. Lana Cole.  Mrs. Cole lives in the Fredericktown area.  To reach Mrs. Cole you can use the number below or email her at: 

Lana Cole


  • 310 US Highway 61
    New Madrid, MO 63869
  • Telephone (573) 688-2165
    Fax (573) 688-2169

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