Monday, April 3

ENTREES: Pancakes

Cereal w/Cheese Stick

SIDES: Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Tuesday, April 4

ENTREES: Scrambled Eggs w/Toast & Jelly

Cereal w/Cinnamon Toast

SIDES: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Wednesday, April 5

ENTREES: French Toast Sticks

Cereal w/Muffin Square

SIDES: Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Thursday, April 6

ENTREES: Cinnamon Roll

Cereal w/Toast & Jelly

SIDES: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Friday, April 7




Monday, April 3

FRESH MARKET: Tenders w/Cornbread

Wowbutter & Jelly Sandwich w/Cheese Stick


FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, French Fries, Fresh Fruit, Chilled Fruit, Milk

Tuesday, April 4

FRESH MARKET: Cheeseburger

Italian Calzone

MIXED GREENS: Caesar Salad, Garlic Biscuits

FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, Baked Beans, Fresh Fruit, Chilled 

Fruit, Milk

Wednesday, April 5

FRESH MARKET: Chicken Patty w/Hot Roll

Roast Turkey w/Hot Roll

MIXED GREENS: Popcorn Chicken Salad, Hot Roll

FRESH PICKS: Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Fruit, 

Chilled Fruit, Milk

Thursday, April 6

FRESH MARKET: Cheesy Pasta w/Italian Bread

Hot Dog on Bun

MIXED GREENS: Taco Salad, Italian Bread

FRESH PICKS: Green Beans, Fresh Garden Salad, Fresh Fruit, Chilled 

Fruit, Milk

Friday, April 7





Monday, Apr 4 Golf @ Cape-Notre Dame

Baseball vs Sikeston @ NMCC @ 4:30 pm

Softball vs. East Carter @ East Carter @ 4:30 pm


Tuesday, Apr 5 Golf @ NMCC @ 4:00 pm

Baseball @ Malden @ 4:30 pm

Softball vs. Charleston @ NMCC @ 4:30 pm

Wednesday, Apr 6 Mock Interviews

Golf @ Jackson @ 4:00 pm

Track @ Kelly @ 4:00 pm

Thursday, Apr 7 Golf @ NMCC @ 4:00 pm

Baseball @ Kelly @ 4:30 pm

Softball @ Clarkton @ 4:30 pm


Baseball will be dismissed at 2:30 today.  The following players will be leaving:  Chris Grissom, Clay Cope, Carson Pfeffer, Levie Sutton, Sawyer McElveen, Gui Montanheiro, Ty Williams, Brady Swims, Ayden McCanless, Gage Sweatt, Cash McSpadden, Slade Courtois, JG Harris, Makalen McFerren, Jack Pipkin, Brandon Waters, and Joseph Taylor. 

Softball will be dismissed at 2:30 today.  The following players will be leaving: LK Johnson, M Jackson, M Cook, D Hughes, E Tittle, K Taylor, E Howard, M Harris, L Reese, J Hill, A Pullen, S Pizzo, A Campbell, N Bougard, M Gaskins, and A Byrne. 

Track team will be dismissed at 2:30 today.  The following athletes will be leaving:  Devin Rowe, Nolan Frye, Sa’Mir Smith, Jason Jones, Dearious Newsom, Evan McClellen, Jacob Bennett, Kayden Minner, Trae Hydle, Conner Henderson, Marvion Cranford, Tomarian Pettigrew, Aveon Treadwell, Damiyon Alexander, Ja’Kwon Jones, Jerome Rogers, Charlie Resonno, Lamarkus Anderson, Mason Hunt, Zymerious Jones, Seth Gaskins, Malachi Hughes, Catryna Rhines, Lataysia Resonno, Malia Birdwell, Makayla Birdwell, Makaylin Ranson, America Treadwell, Ivyanna Winters, Trinity Carter, Kasiah Wofford, Chloe Clark, and Paris Corbett. 

Mock interviews will be Wednesday, April 5th.  All seniors are participating in this event.  

NHS Induction will be held on Wednesday, April 5 at 3:30 pm  Practice will be 7th hour.  Returning members participating will be: Caitie Cox, Andrew Howell, Evie Hunter, Luke Johnson, Lee Kenedy, Carly Kimball, Sawyer McElveen, Emery Palmer, Nikki Reed, Noah Taylor, Avery Towery.  Congratulations to new members who will also be participating:  Jacob Bennett, Destiny Hughes, Peyton Jarmon, Taylor Shaw, Laurel Towery, Allie Kenedy. 

Yearbook applications must be completed and turned in to the library by 3:00 pm Thursday, April 6.  You cannot take the yearbook class without filling out the application and interviewing for the class.  The class is open to students entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades.  If you will be on a trip on the deadline, you must turn your application in before you leave.  No late applications will be accepted. 

NAHS will go to the St Louis Art Museum on April 6th.  The following students will be attending:  Kaylee Babb, Alexis Boggs, Adriana Cameron, Athena Carnell, Caitie Cox, Layla Gaona, Bailee Jackson, Allie Kenedy, Laine McElveen, Chloe Polk, Bently Rooker, Madison Scallion, Kate Taylor, Avery Towery, Emma Wescoat, Lauren Wescoat, and Alissa Whitley. 

The Prom Committee will be decorating for the Prom Monday, April 10-Friday, April 14th.  The following students will be decorating:  Makayla Birdwell, Alexis Boggs, Liberty Morrision, Madison Scallion, and Avery Towery.

Prom is Saturday, April 15.

FBLA State Competition will be April 16-18.  The following students will be attending:  Felipe Augusto, Kayleigh Austin, Makayla Birdwell, Alexis Boggs, Caitie Cox, Andrew Howell, Genevieve Hunter, Peyton Jarmon, Alice Kenedy, Carly Kimball, Sawyer McElveen, Justin Morris, Emery Palmer, Stone Pixley, Jay Redden, Madison Scallion, 

Avery Towery, and Laurel Towery.

Play performance on April 20th in the morning.  All teachers are invited to bring their classes to watch the performance.  The following students will be in the performance, and out of class:  Madison Scallion, Luke Johnson, Paisley Ervin, Mackenzie Grey, Dev Rowe, Alisa Whitley, Arrow Terry, Athena Carnell, Michelle Neely, Genasis Cochran, Adan Campbell, Annalee Keene, Alyssa Volz, Andrew Higgerson, Ashlee Lane, Mackenzie Muse, Abby Beedle, and Braedynn Allred.

Project Graduation money ($40) is due to Ms. McElveen or Jamie Kimball by April 21st in order to attend Project Grad May 16th.


AECI due 4-5-23

CTA due 4-14-23

Gavin Long Memorial Scholarship due 4-14-23

NMCC Alumni Reunion due 4-14-23

Datrae Hicks due 4-14-23

Betty Joyce and Jim Dambach due 4-21-23

Dr. Pat due 4-21-23

Francis M and Emma Baird due 4-21-23

George Bud Hartwell due 4-21-23

Jim Harris due 4-21-23

Johnny Davis due 4-21-23

Ralph Barnwell due 4-21-23

Travis B Howard 2 year due 4-21-23

Travis B Howard 4 year due 4-21-23

Beth Cross due 4-24-23

New Madrid Police Department due 4-24-23

Bank of New Madrid due 4-28-23

Big Prairie Jaycees due 4-28-23

G Cook Rentals due 4-28-23

Jane AnneMarie Brown due 4-28-23

NM Class of 1965 due 4-28-23

NM Eagles due 4-28-23

William Vest Riley due 4-28-23

Hawks Alumni due 5-1-23