Monday, April 17

ENTREES: Breakfast Pizza

Cereal w/Cinnamon Toast

SIDES: Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Tuesday, April 18

ENTREES: French Toast Casserole

Cereal w/Muffin Square

SIDES: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Wednesday, April 19

ENTREES: Baked Omelet w/Toast & Jelly

Cereal w/Toast & Jelly

SIDES: Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Thursday, April 20

ENTREES: Cinnamon Roll

Cereal w/Cheese Stick

SIDES: Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk

Friday, April 21

ENTREES: Biscuits & Gravy w/Sausage Patty

Cereal w/Cinnamon Toast

SIDES: Chilled Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk


Monday, April 17

FRESH MARKET: Nuggets w/Italian Bread

Frito Pie


FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, Glazed Carrots, Fresh Fruit, Chilled Fruit, Milk

Tuesday, April 18

FRESH MARKET: Cheesy BBQ Beef Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

MIXED GREENS: Caesar Salad, Garlic Biscuit

FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, Texas Pintos, Fresh Fruit, Chilled 

Fruit, Milk

Wednesday, April 19

FRESH MARKET: Chicken Patty w/Hot Roll

BBQ Pork Bowl w/Hot Roll

MIXED GREENS: Popcorn Chicken Salad

FRESH PICKS: Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Corn, Fresh Fruit, Chilled Fruit, 


Thursday, April 20

FRESH MARKET: Chili w/Cornbread

Mini Corn Dogs

MIXED GREENS: Watermelon Salad

FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, French FriesFresh Fruit, Chilled Fruit, 


Friday, April 21

FRESH MARKET: Cheese Pizza

Sausage & Egg Grilled Cheese

MIXED GREENS: Italian Chef Salad

FRESH PICKS: Fresh Garden Salad, Steamed Broccoli, Fresh Fruit, Chilled 

Fruit, Milk


Monday, Apr 17

Tuesday, Apr 18 Track Meet @ Malden @ 4:00 pm

Baseball vs. Cape Central @ NMCC @ 4:30 pm

Wednesday, Apr 19 Baseball vs. Cooter @ Busch Stadium

Green & Gold to Cardinal Game

TSC To Cardinal Game

Thursday, Apr 20 Baseball @ Kennett @ 4:00 pm

Golf @ NMCC @ 4:00 pm

Track @ East Prairie @ 4:00 pm

Softball vs. Portageville @ NMCC @ 4:00 pm

Friday, Apr 21 Softball @ South Pemiscot @ 4:30 pm


Many, many of the student body did not take pictures on the two designated picture days.  Retakes will be done for the yearbook ONLY.  These are not for sale, nor will they be professionally retouched.  These pictures will be taken by grade level, Freshman on April 20th, Sophomores on April 17, and Juniors on April 24.  Seniors, we do not have a way to make up composite pictures, but we can take a standard picture for the yearbook if you missed the composite picture days.  Please talk to Mrs. Treece if you did not take composites, and want to consider this option.  If that is the case, Seniors will retake on April 14.  Please plan hair, makeup, clothing etc accordingly.  

Track will be called out at 2:35 today.  The following students will be attending: Nolan Frye, Sa’Mir Smith, Jason Jones, Dearious Newsom, Evan McClellen, Jacob Bennett, Kayden Minner, Trae Hydle, Connor Henderson, Marvion Cranford, Aveon Treadwell, Ja’kwon Jones, Jerome Rogers, Charlie Resonno, Lamarkus Anderson, Mason Hunt, Zymerious Jones, Seth Gaskins, Malachi Hughes, Catryna Rhines, Lataysia Resonno, Malia Birdwell, Makayla Birdwell, America Treadwell, Ivyanna Winters, Trinity Carter, and Chloe Clark. 

FBLA State Competition will be April 16-18.  The following students will be attending:  Felipe Augusto, Kayleigh Austin, Makayla Birdwell, Alexis Boggs, Caitie Cox, Andrew Howell, Genevieve Hunter, Peyton Jarmon, Alice Kenedy, Carly Kimball, Sawyer McElveen, Justin Morris, Emery Palmer, Stone Pixley, Jay Redden, Madison Scallion, 

Avery Towery, and Laurel Towery.

Forest T Jones rep will be in the conference room Wednesday from 8am-noon for any employee interested in meeting with them about 403B accounts. 

The following students will be attending the Cardinals/NMCC game on Wednesday, April 19th:  Makayla Birdwell, Dawson Boggs, Isiah Burk, Ashlyn Byrne, Calleigh Cooksey, Peyton Davis, Ethan Duckworth, Nemo Evans, Seth Gaskins, Callie Horne, 

Maddie Horne, Mason Hunt, Az'Ranique Jackson, Bella Khourie, Laine McElveen, Caleb Moore, Liberty Morrison, Dearious Newsom, Trustin Polk, Aubrey Pullen, JoeBeth Riley, Ryder Sindle, Hayden Sletten, David Sloan, Erica Tittle,and Laura Villarreal.

The following list of students will be out tomorrow on the field trip to the cardinals game for the green and gold club. They will report to first hour at 8 AM and then will be called down to the commons:  Adriana Cameron, Akara Jackson, Alex Nevel, Alexus Manes, Ali Kenedy, Antrizta Hill, Ayrasun Roberts, Az’ranique Jackson, Bently Rooker, Caden Teague, Caitie Cox, Caleb Young, Carly Kimball, Charlie Resonno, Christian Williams, Destiny Hughes, Drew Howell, Ellie Cravens, Emery Palmer, Evie Hunter, Felipe Augusto, Gavin Bond, Gianna Barnett, Gracie Henry, Gracie McMackin, Grant Broyles, Jacob Bennett, Jacob Hernandez, Jaleecia Walton, Jonathan Hill, Jordan Maltiba, Kalee Gaona, Kiya Vaught, Landon Riley, Laurel Towery, Layla Gaona, Lee Kenedy, Lillian Sanders, Lindsey Reese, Luke Johnson, Madison Deveau, Madison Scallion, Malakhi Hughes, Malia Birdwell, Molly Harris, Molly Jackson, Mylee Cook, Nell Bougard, Nikki Reed, Noah Taylor, Peyton Jarmon, Robin Vires, Sarah Pizzo, Sh’Brya Williams, Shardaw Stubbs, Sophia Bobo, Stone Pixley, Taylor Shaw, and Tony Rhines. 

The following students will be attending the State FFA Convention on April 19-21 in Columbia, MO. The students attending are: Peyton Davis, Mason Hunt, Nemo Evans, Layton Cox , Ethan Markham, and Avery Towery.  Leaving only on Friday will be Noah Taylor and Caitlyn Ling. 

The following FCA students will leave on April 20 and be gone on April 21:  Ryder Sindle, Sam Sutton, Makayla Dangerfield, Niyla Tipler, Ayrasun Roberts, Caitie Cox, Allie Kenedy, Lee Kenedy, Az'Ranique Jackson, Luke Johnson, Laurel Towery, Calleigh Cooksey, Lynleigh Carroll, Chloe Polk, and Carter Green.

Project Graduation money ($40) is due to Ms. McElveen or Jamie Kimball by April 21st in order to attend Project Grad May 16th.

Teachers, your Infinite Campus account needs to be set up by April 28th.


Betty Joyce and Jim Dambach due 4-21-23

Dr. Pat due 4-21-23

Francis M and Emma Baird due 4-21-23

George Bud Hartwell due 4-21-23

Jim Harris due 4-21-23

Johnny Davis due 4-21-23

Ralph Barnwell due 4-21-23

Travis B Howard 2 year due 4-21-23

Travis B Howard 4 year due 4-21-23

Beth Cross due 4-24-23

New Madrid Police Department due 4-24-23

Bank of New Madrid due 4-28-23

Big Prairie Jaycees due 4-28-23

G Cook Rentals due 4-28-23

Jane AnneMarie Brown due 4-28-23

NM Class of 1965 due 4-28-23

NM Eagles due 4-28-23

William Vest Riley due 4-28-23

Hawks Alumni due 5-1-23