NMCR1 Administration checked roads throughout the county today. Due to several secondary and county roads that remain ice covered NMCR1 will not be in session of Friday February 3rd
6 days ago, NMCR1
icy road
NMCR1 will not be in session on Thursday February 2nd 2023.
7 days ago, NMCR1
no school icy roads
Reminder Parents, Students, & All: Get Eagle Alerts Here! Download the NMCR1 App from Apple App Store/Google Play: Search “NMCR1”. Follow the prompts to choose notifications💚🦅
13 days ago, Sam Duncan
Eagle Alert Notifications
As a precaution this morning, NMCC High School checked all students in using metal detectors. In this first periodic check all was clear.
13 days ago, Sam Duncan
Check out the below information on an upcoming TSC Healthcare camp
26 days ago, NMCR1
healthcare camp flyer
Mr. Danny’s Welding class visited the new FEMA building to watch the welders working there. They were even able to weld on their own. It was a great experience!
28 days ago, Andrea Harris
Students watching someone get ready to weld.
Student practicing welding.
Student practicing welding .
Welder welding in a lift.
💚🦅Shoutout to Gloria Houston, Katherine Stanley, SkillsUSA students, and a team of NMCC faculty and staff for another amazing Eagle Christmas, which helps community members provide Christmas gifts for more than 150 kids throughout NmcEagleNation every year 💚🦅
about 2 months ago, Sam Duncan
2022 Eagle Christmas at NMCC
“Working” digestive system models built in Human Body Systems
2 months ago, Andrea Harris
Students standing beside their human digestive model.
Students standing beside their human digestive model.
Human digestive model
Students in Human Body Systems are building “working” digestive system models.
2 months ago, Andrea Harris
Students using tools
student in a science lab
students working on a science lab
Students working on a science project
NMCR1 Tech Skills: $400,000 Grant! Important upgrades to NMCR1 Tech Skills Center will continue thanks to a $400,000 grant that will provide long-overdue air-conditioning for 4 TSC shops (auto mech, welding, ag, & carpentry). This grant will be combined with a previously awarded grant (DRA) to replace ALL A-pod rolltop garage doors (circa 1971) with new, industrial, insulated panel doors and openers. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has awarded several Missouri Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs including New Madrid County R-I Technical Skills Center ($400,000.00) with grant dollars to further support the important work that these programs do to ensure all Missouri students are prepared for success upon graduation and further contribute to developing Missouri’s workforce. Missouri’s Area Career Center Opportunity (MACCO) Grant provides funding to enhance the state’s CTE capacity by providing more opportunities for CTE students while updating and modernizing career centers’ infrastructure and equipment. MACCO is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (APRA) and grants local education agencies (LEAs) up to $400,000 to: Create new high-demand and emerging programs Construct a new area career center building Renovate or build an addition to an existing area career center Update or expand current CTE programs Improve infrastructure for safety and equipment needs Upgrade equipment and instructional technology The grant’s funds must be used to enhance or extend area career centers’ capacities to increase students’ knowledge and skills needed to gain employment in current or emerging fields, continuing their education, or re-training for new business and industry opportunities. The grant required LEAs to submit an application and match 25 percent of the awarded MACCO funds. NMCR1 appreciates this support as we continue to provide a viable technical skills program!
2 months ago, Sam Duncan
NMCR1 Technical Skills Center-Auto Mech
Phone systems have been restored to all NMCR1 buildings. Thank you for your patience.
3 months ago, NMCR1
Mr.Clark’s Electrician students are busy helping with projects around the school. They are pictured here with their new tools and tool belts working on the sound booth at the football field.
3 months ago, Andrea Harris
Electrician class showing off their new tools and tool belts.
Boys working on electrical
FBLA Officers participated in New Madrid Elementary's Trunk or Treat
3 months ago, Rebecca Treece
Trunk or Treat
Trunk or Treat
The Human Body Systems class had to make models of the neuron and do presentations that included what the parts are and the functions.
4 months ago, Andrea Harris
Neurons that students made.
Students in Human Body Systems dissected sheep brains to locate the parts they have been studying.
4 months ago, Andrea Harris
A boy dissecting a sheep brain.
2 girls dissecting a sheep brain.
Boy dissecting a sheep brain.
Boy dissecting a sheep brain.
Because we have tremendous school spirit, the Eagle has officially landed in the NMCC gymnasium foyer💚🦅 #NmcEagleNation
4 months ago, Sam Duncan
NMCC gym foyer
Reminder: NO SCHOOL for students on Friday, October 7th (teacher work day) or Monday, October 10th (Columbus Day) Have a great weekend and we will see everyone on Tuesday October 11th
4 months ago, NMCR1
No School Clipart
Some of our TSC students attended, “Build My Future: Career Day & Industry Showcase,” in Sikeston. They were able to check out lots of machinery and equipment along with pouring concrete and finding out what all of these different careers involved. It was a very informative and great day.
4 months ago, Andrea Harris
Students gathered around a table.
Students standing in front of a bus.
Boy sitting in the driver’s seat of a semi cab.
Boy screwing in bolts on a lift.
First year students in culinary arts completed a series of online videos and instruction including a final test to receive their food handler certificate. This opportunity, provided by the National Restaurant Association and ServSafe, is nationally recognized in the food industry and is renewed every three years.
5 months ago, Rebecca Treece
AM Students
PM Students
Ms. McElveen’s Career Pathway for the Teaching Profession class is now going into the schools to help and work with the teachers.
5 months ago, Andrea Harris
Students standing in front of a school sign
A girl and boy standing in a classroom
girls standing in front of elementary school